About Lattice Training

Lattice Training is the world’s first systematic assessment, analysis and tailor-made training program for climbing.

It was originally conceived as an idea to analyse whether a training program design was effective in international competition climbers. A highly targeted period of training would be followed for a season, but come the end of the period it was very hard to measure the effectiveness of the training. So much of climbing can written off as a factor of technique, tactics or psychology that sometimes it’s very hard to cut through the “noise” and work out what is really going on at a physical level. We took the methods of assessment and analysis out of the competition scene and applied it to boulderers, sport climbers and trad climbers.

We are constantly asking ourselves the questions

  • What limits physical performance in the forearm?
  • How is your blood lactate threshold level holding you back on your project?
  • How much efficiency is it possible to get from each energy system when you’re already operating at the highest standards?

With these questions in mind, we started collecting data from climbers and analysing it in the context of our exisiting knowledge of sports science. This has allowed us to pin point factors contributing to the best performances and, conversely, we’ve also found it astoundingly useful in identifying which physical factors are limiting many climbers out there.

What We Offer

If you’re interested in detailed performance analysis, then Lattice Training is the perfect place to start. We have two systems of analysis set up and tested for many years with hundreds of individuals from 7a (5.12) to 9a+ (5.15) and across all age groups. With thousands of pieces of data collected and analysed, we’re able to give you the ultimate feedback on your physical performance and explain where the weak links are in your chain.

Example Assessment

Firstly, our Lattice Performance Analysis package is designed to be carried out anywhere in the world, in your own time and with no pressure. All you need is some of the most common items found in any indoor climbing gym, where you will follow the testing procedure. Once you have collected the data you then feed it back to us and we will carry out analysis and cross reference it for “performance tagging.”

Secondly, our Lattice Board Assessment package is an option available to those who can visit a wall equipped with a Lattice Board, see our partners page for details. This facility is the original method of assessing a climber’s performance and in our experience is most beneficial for climbers operating at higher grades, though some Lattice Boards cater for climbers operating from 6b upwards.

As well as offering Lattice Board Assessments through our partner walls and coaches we can also offer assessments on the Lattice Board directly to those who can travel to Sheffield in the UK. Please contact us for more details. Please note that the Lattice Board in sheffield is best suited for climbers operating at around french 7b or V6.

Lastly, we also offer training programs specifically tailored to your goals, lifestyle and current ability.

About The Lattice Team

Our system of support isn’t just one individual working to give you the edge in your climbing. We’re a team of four passionate climbers who have spent years thinking about how to solve the problem of in-depth climbing performance analysis. We all have very different skill sets, but ones that compliment and strengthen the service that we offer.

Tom Randall built the first Lattice Board in 2009 and has been assessing and working with many of the UK’s best climbers for over 7 years. Whilst his original work was with elite level competition climbers he now works with V14 boulderers, 9a+ sport climbers and European IFSC podium placers. His passion for making sure the underlying sports science matches up with accurate analysis of climbers’ performance is what drives his continued development of Lattice Training.

Ollie Torr, ex-gymnast and qualified personal trainer delivers to the Lattice team a depth of knowledge and experience in strength training that’s rarely found in the climbing community. His obsession with performance has led him to a 1st class degree in Sports Science and training elite athletes in a number of sports, all backed up by the ability to climb at a high level. He comprises the other half of the coaching and assessment team along with Tom Randall.

Remus Knowles is the numbers genius behind a lot of the analysis programs at Lattice. His background in mathematics, statistics, data analysis and computer programming made him an obvious compliment to Tom and Ollie’s assessment experience. His drive to put numbers and statistical models to climbing performance and muscle function has been critical in providing the best package of analysis available. When he’s not behind a computer screen, he can frequently be found hanging off a fingerboard or pulling moves on real rock.

Dale Comley re-designed and transformed the Lattice Board into the commercially available version we recognise today. Having graduated top of his class with a 1st class degree from Loughborough University, and now working as a Design Engineer at a leading engineering consultancy, Dale is well equipped to provide a range of innovative products to complement the training and coaching packages offered by Lattice Training.