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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 5: The Best Climbing App in the World?!

In this episode of Ask Lattice, Tom and Ollie answer your questions on the Crimpd App. Watch the video to learn about:

  • How to combine training sessions across the week – the simply rule of paining high-intensity low-volume sessions with low-intensity high-volume sessions.
  • The differences between core on the floor and on rings
  • How to manage that peak training phase, when you are projecting routes – keeping power topped up with high-intensity finger-board and bouldering sessions.
  • Reducing rest times in finger-board sessions
  • Finger-boarding in 15 minutes – is it possible to have a good quality session in this time?
  • How much core to do in one week – from doing core training everyday, to completing 2 sessions per week with a range of exercises.

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