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Tyler Nelson (Camp4) Interview: Experiments, Injuries & Tools of The Trade

After our recent interview with training legend Eric Horst, we’ve got another major contributor to training, performance and climbing rehab on the Lattice Podcast – this week we are chatting to Tyler Nelson, AKA Camp 4 Human Performance.

Tyler’s content on Instagram really gets people thinking, as he explores new approaches to rehab and climbing performance.  His curiosity for evidence-based practice makes him an unstoppable energy for trying things others could never think of!

Since a lot of Tyler’s work aligns with what we do here at Lattice, Tom Randall sat down with Tyler to get his thoughts on the following topics:

  1. Which sports away from climbing does Tyler draw knowledge from, and what are the nuances of this?
  2. What are climbers currently doing that concerns him injury-wise, and how can they prevent / improve this?
  3. What is the future for the use of training and assessment, and the tools/gadgets/apps related to it?

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