A Climber's Guide to Training

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8+ hours of content
100+ lessons
10+ tasks to develop and apply your skills
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Example exercises
Theory and practice
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Bonus content: “Train like a pro”
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  • 8+ hours of content
  • 100+ lessons
  • 10+ tasks to develop and apply your skills
  • Lifetime access
  • Example exercises
  • Theory and practice
  • Downloadable audio
  • Bonus content: “Train like a pro”
  • 15% discount to use at your leisure in the Lattice Training shop
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We have over 150 years of world-class coaching experience...

We LOVE the theory, data and the science, but knowing the theory isn't useful if you don't have the skills and understand the process of applying it. Learning to train is an integral part of the process.

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A Complete Guide to Training for Climbing

What topics does the course include?

Chapter 1 – Intro
Chapter 2 – Key Principles
Chapter 3 – Your climbing and training
Chapter 4 – Strength training for climbing
Chapter 5 – Endurance training for climbing
Chapter 6 – Supplementary training for climbing
Chapter 7 – Troubleshooting your training
Bonus ⭐ – Train like a pro
Over 100 lessons!

Is your climbing plateauing?

Many climbers reach a point where what has been working for them, doesn’t work anymore. We cannot do the same thing in our climbing and training and expect it to keep working.

Once we understand this, we can take what we know about training, climbing and our own goals to break through these plateaus.

Do you want the skill to write your own training plans?

Our climbing is not static and we cannot expect the same results from completing the same training plan twice. Understanding how to adapt our training is key when it comes to programming.

This course will arm you with the knowledge to confidently programme your training and break through any plateau!

open quotation This is the next step in our journey to break down barriers to learning and make climbing training accessible to climbers everywhere. closed quotation

Ollie Torr

Director & Coach



While there is no strict prerequisite, we recommend that participants have at least 6 months of climbing experience to maximise the benefits of this course. This course caters to a wide spectrum of climbing and training proficiency levels, offering valuable insights and a structured approach to help you determine what suits your specific needs.

No prior knowledge is required to enrol in this course. It is designed to accommodate both beginners who are new to training concepts and those who have prior experience but wish to deepen their understanding. Our course places a strong emphasis on practical application, making it suitable for individuals seeking real-life scenarios to enhance their training knowledge.

Once enrolled, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course.

If you decide to request a refund after making a purchase, we offer a full refund within 14 days of your course access. During the presale period, we understand that you may need more than 14 days to fully explore the course content. To ensure you have sufficient time to assess your purchase, we kindly request that you initiate your refund request within 14 days of gaining access to the course.

This course has been created for climbers over the age of 18. If you are under 18 and interested in training, we strongly recommend that you work in person with a coach – under no circumstances should you watch the course and apply any of the training protocols without advice and supervision from your own coach.

This course is open to all climbers interested in training for climbing. It caters to both beginners seeking an introduction to training concepts and individuals with prior experience who aim to enhance their skills for practical application in climbing.

While working with a coach may mean you don’t need to create your own training programs, having a solid understanding of training principles and program design remains invaluable. Proficiency in effective training is a crucial foundation for executing any training program successfully. It also equips you to troubleshoot and communicate effectively with your coach, ensuring a productive training partnership.

This course is beneficial for novice climbing coaches venturing into training plan development and working with climbers in a training context. If you have less than 5 years of coaching experience, this course can serve as Continuing Personal/Professional Development (CPD). For seasoned coaches with extensive experience and a background in Sport Science, this may not be the ideal choice for CPD. However, it could provide an intriguing perspective in a different format.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive and self-paced learning experience. You have the flexibility to navigate the course at your own speed and revisit sections as needed. This means the course can continue to support your climbing journey for years, adapting to your evolving training and lifestyle.

We recognise that you might have questions or seek deeper discussions about the course content. We offer a 1:1 consultation service for in-depth conversations, and our Facebook community page is an excellent platform to connect with fellow climbers and share insights. For any specific course-related enquiries, please email us at [email protected].

The course is structured into 7 chapters, each containing a series of lessons, practical tasks, and illustrative examples. You’ll access the course through the user-friendly Education platform, which offers the convenience of a mobile app via Kajabi for on-the-go learning.

The tasks that accompany the course material to aid transfer of knowledge to real life scenarios are linked to a single login. If you would like to purchase the course with multiple logins for your gym coaching team then please reach out to us at [email protected].

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