Dave Giles


Dave Giles


Lattice Researcher, Dave Giles, has been doing research into the physiology and psychology of climbing performance since 2014, and completed his PhD in 2017 exploring the psychophysiology of climbing. Dave now has around 15 publications on climbing performance, with many more on the way. As well as working for Lattice, Dave has been a Research Fellow in health and social care at the University of Derby for the past 3 years.

Amongst certain circles, Dave is nicknamed Dr. Grip and has been climbing for 20 years, but has really focused on training in the past 5 years since he moved to the Peak District. He aspires to get out climbing as much as he can in the UK and Europe, and maintain a solid level of climbing while also working a full-time job. 

Working with climbers and coaches who have a real thirst for knowledge has been a great source of inspiration for Dave since joining the Lattice team. He enjoys working with a company on the cutting edge of climbing performance assessment, and having the opportunity to develop new and innovative ways of assessing climbers’ performance.