Nick Chiarella-Hamblin​


Nick Chiarella-Hamblin​

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing, Nick, joins the Lattice Team with over 10 years experience in marketing, social media and sales. Nick also has a Bsc in Science: Applied Sports Science and an Advanced Diploma Level 5 in Sports Therapy, and B.W.L.A (British Weight Lifters Association) Leaders Award. Prior to joining Lattice Training, Nick Managed Social Media for Rab Equipment (and Lowe Alpine) for over a year and a half. He had also previously been a lecturer in Sports Therapy and worked for 4 years as a Sports Therapist.

Nick is a novice climber and is excited to learn how to boulder and start building his climbing fitness and strength. He is thrilled to be part of the team, stating;

“Joining such a young, yet ambitious company, that just wants to provide pure value to Latticers makes joining Lattice easy for me. Having come from another outdoor brand (Rab Equipment), I have a passion for telling the story of the community, and looking at bigger and better ways to support the community. I love working around people who love the outdoors, it’s super inspiring and the best lifestyle. Lattice are constantly challenging the norm and looking to provide insane levels of value, whether it’s content put out for free consumption, or the coaching services we offer. It’s very motivating to work for a company with such good values.”

Nick also runs a brilliant Instagram account all about up-cycling pallets into projects and gifts!