Nicolas Cioffi


Nicolas Cioffi


Nicolas Cioffi is a 25 year old Italian climber. He started climbing in 2017 and slowly this sport has become his lifes passion!

His preferred discipline is sport climbing, in which he has reached 8b+, and he has big goals for his training with Lattice.

Nicolas divides his time between training and climbing outdoors, and believes that travelling and exploring new places, new lines and meeting psyched people is the key to climbing well and living life to it’s fullest!

He loves training, especially in old school gyms, which lead him to build a home gym with a board, campus board, hangboard, after being totally inspired by the original “school room”.

Having never worked routes long term at the moment his goals are to find a really hard route, that can motivate him to stay focused on a project.

Check out his IG here: @ncioffi808