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Claire Squires

Communications and Social Coordinator

Claire Squires is our communications and social coordinator, so be sure to say ‘hi’ when you write to us, as it’s Claire you will be talking to! Claire has a BSc (Hons) Physiological Science and a MSc Translational Cardiovascular Medicine from the University of Bristol, as well as CWI qualification.

Claire has been climbing since the ripe old age of 3, however with slightly more focus in the past 5 years, after getting involved in coaching with the University of Bristol’s climbing club. She then went on to work at Redpoint, Bristol as a coach for a year. Since graduating from her masters, she started working with Lattice and moved into her van full time, with partner Jake and her pooch Lola in order to travel and climb – the dream!

Whilst working for Lattice Claire hopes to really get involved with the Lattice community at it’s core and, is super psyched to be working within a team of dedicated and inspiring people day to day. Being a huge advocate of women’s issues and mental health/illness within climbing is a topic she is very passionate about. If you want to hear more on this head to her Instagram, as she is all about opening up the difficult conversations when it comes to topics that might be considered taboo or somewhat hard to talk about;

“I am all about opening up the difficult conversations
on these topics that people often struggle in silence with
because society as a whole perhaps doesn’t want to talk
about them!”