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Remote Assessment



Lattice Training is a combination of sport science and high level, experience-based coaching. We use the best methods and strategies to help you achieve greater levels of performance and hit your goals. The Remote Assessment package has been carefully chosen to represent the most relevant and practical methods of physical testing for climbers at each level of expertise. The world’s largest climbing performance database collected over the last decade allows us to compare results between climbers and offer valid feedback to differing ability levels, ages and specialisations.

Our Remote Assessment is designed for two specific purposes: one is to assess your full physical capabilities before starting a training plan with us; the other is for those who want to objectively analyse their climbing performance and prefer to manage their own training or work with a coach already. Your assessment is specially designed to require the simplest climbing equipment possible so you can complete it almost anywhere – from your local gym to your own home training set up! The Remote Assessment is chosen and adapted for your individual climbing level so we can get the best outlook on your climbing performance.

 Following your assessment, you will be provided with a detailed, written feedback report from a member of our coaching team that analyses your results relative to your current climbing grade and goals.

Remote assessment

>6b / V4
£ 80
  • Chosen and adapted for your individual climbing level
  • Basic functional movement testing including upper and lower body mobility
  • Finger strength: max hangs using preferred grip on a 20mm edge
  • Aerobic profiling
  • `Body strength testing
  • Full written report with coach analysis

Remote Assessment + technique analysis

>7b+ / V7
£ 110
  • Everything in the Remote climbing assessment
  • Technique analysis across a variety of styles

You guys are great but the thing that makes you so awesome is your attention to detail, responsiveness to questions and positive feedback. I’m feeling really successful working with you guys. The combination of the detailed assessment/analysis resulting in/outlining very clear goals to shore up weaknesses and the personal attention via email has been rad!

John Johnson
Lattice Client

Step One: purchase Your Assessment

When you purchase a Remote Assessment, we’ll send you testing protocols that are chosen and adapted for your individual climbing level. Our climbing assessment packages are specifically designed to be compatible with every level of climber, from 6b / V4 and above.

We want to provide you with the very best climbing analysis you need to begin to progress your climbing performance. Lattice climbing assessments involve analysis of functional movement, finger strength, aerobic profiling and muscular strength.

what's included?

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Functional Movement

Testing your shoulder mobility, hip flexibility and ankle mobility , we assess how mobile and stable your body is for climbing.

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Finger Strength: Max Hangs

We aim to find the maximum load you can bear on your preferred grip, using two arms for 7 second hangs.

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Aerobic Profiling

You'll be required to complete fingerboard repeaters with maximal effort so we can determine your aerobic profile.

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Muscular Strength

We determine your muscular strength with pull ups, press ups and hollow body hold.

Step Two: Complete Your Testing

You should complete your testing independently either at home, in a climbing gym or wherever you usually train! Once you complete your testing, make sure you submit your results via our online form so we can start analysing your data and writing your conclusive report.

* See our shop page for details on exactly what equipment you will need for the assessment.

Step Three: Review your report

Once you have completed the testing, you will send your data back to us. We will analyse your results and provide you with an in-depth feedback report, written by one of our advanced coaches, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses relative to your goals.

You will be given a summary of your climbing and training, and a detailed analysis of your sport-specific mobility, finger strength, aerobic capacity and more. We’ll end by assessing your predicted grade relative to your goals, highlighting what you need to work on and at what level of priority. It’s essential to us, that our clients get access to the best tools from sports science – an objective, analytical report provides the foundation for an effective training plan!

step Four: Sign up for a training Plan (optional)

After you receive your feedback report, you can opt to start one of our Lite or Premium Training Plans (if you haven’t already!). For a Lite Plan, you just need to complete a form which will be emailed to you upon purchase and wait 1-2 weeks for your customised plan. If you’d like to follow a Premium Plan, you can purchase it in our shop after which you will be added to our waiting list. Once you have completed all the relevant steps, you will be assigned a Lattice coach who will put together a Premium Training Plan, using your assessment results to customise your plan based on your weaknesses, goals and schedule.

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