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Favia Dubyk


Dr Favia Dubyk has been training with Lattice for a few years now with coach Josh Hadley and has never ceased to amaze us!!

She is currently based out of New Mexico, USA, and is an avid boulderer who loves lowball roofs and toe hooks! Her favourite place to climb is at Hueco Tanks, due to it’s endless roofs and beautiful desert background. On training Favia says;

I absolutely love training, particularly hangboarding!! I actually wish that hangboarding was a competitive sport, and not just a training tool!

On top of being one of the strongest athletes we work with, she is also a physician that specializes in blood and lymph node diseases. A specialism that was chosen after she was diagnosed with advanced-stage lymph node cancer during medical school.  Go check out her page on IG @felinefavia