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Tyler Thompson


Tyler Thompson’s journey into the world of rock climbing began at the age of 7, navigating granite slabs in his home state of North Carolina. Raised in Virginia, the allure of the New River Gorge, a renowned climbing destination, beckoned to him from a young age, shaping his climbing aspirations.

From the outset, Tyler displayed a natural inclination towards training and competition, initially focusing on youth competitions and tasting success on national stages. However, it was the call of the great outdoors that truly captivated him, igniting a passion that would define his climbing career.

In high school, Tyler’s trajectory shifted as he ventured with friends regularly to the New River Gorge (West Virginia), immersing himself in the challenges of outdoor climbing. From conquering his first 5.13 routes at iconic spots like the Coliseum and The Cirque, to tackling grades around 5.14, such as Proper Soul (5.14a, 8B+) (and Still Life (5.14b, 8C), Tyler’s ascent in the climbing world was swift and determined.

Following his high school graduation, Tyler embarked on a transformative journey to Ten Sleep, Wyoming, where he honed his skills on the remote limestone walls, gaining invaluable experience on unfamiliar terrain.

Now Tyler studies physics at James Madison University while continuing to pursue his passion for climbing. As a routesetter at Rocky Top Climbing, he finds the perfect balance between academic pursuits and climbing endeavours. He still dedicates time to scaling the challenging routes of the New River Gorge and has sent ‘Full Metal Brisket’ (5.15a/9A+).