Become a Lattice Assessor

Becoming a Lattice Assessor

This page is designed for climbing walls and coaches who wish to become a lattice-accredited assessor. It outlines the Lattice assessment packages, pricing structures and training information for becoming a Lattice assessor or partner wall.

If you would like to use lattice assessments as part of your coaching service, we'd love to hear from you!

At Lattice, we want to allow our services to be accessible all over the world. Over the years, we have been gradually expanding to include a number of worldwide partner walls and assessors who are accredited to perform Lattice Board Assessments. Recently, our assessment packages have grown so there are even more options for coaches and climbing walls to access Lattice services. This page outlines the assessment options we have available, pricing structures and training process for coaches and climbing walls.

We strive to ensure that the Lattice Assessment remains the industry standard of assessing a climber’s performance. We are continually improving its consistency, clarity and ease in reporting, and also increasing the affordability for climbers. We are excited to extend these services and opportunities to coaches and climbing walls globally. Together we can make our support and expertise as wide-reaching as possible, with the highest impact on the people we serve. 

Lattice Assessment Packages

The ‘traditional’ Lattice Board Assessment (LBA) remains the most comprehensive testing process that is available to our clients, with a huge data set to which comparisons are made – this is our main assessment package. Coming later in 2020, we have our Introductory Assessment and Digital Assessment packages. This provides you with a wider range of products that you can offer, depending on the ability of your clients, the equipment that you have available, and the information that is required.

Read on for more information on each of our assessment packages.


Lattice Introductory Assessment Lattice Board Assessment Digital Assessment LBA & Digital Combined
RRP £100 / €110 / $130 £125 / €145 / $160 £125 / €145 / $160 £150 / €180 / $190
Equipment Required Climbing Wall, Lattice Rung, Pulley System, Pull-Up Bar Lattice Board, Lattice Rung, Pulley System, Pull-Up Bar Digital Rung, Pull-Up Bar, Climbing Wall Lattice Board, Digital Rung, Pull-Up Bar
Basic Movement Analysis X X
Systematic Movement Analysis X X
Functional Movement X X X X
Finger Strength X X X X
Upper Body Strength X X X X
Aerobic Power X X X X
Capacity for Anaerobic Work X X X X
Work Capacity X X

assessments offered:

Lattice Board Assessment (lBA)

The mainstay of Lattice testing protocols, the LBA remains the most popular of our assessment products. Performance is compared to thousands of hours worth of data providing you and your clients with detailed, structured and actionable performance summary that they may use to prioritise and monitor their training. This assessment package is best suited for climbers who have achieved  at least f6b or V4 and up to 9b+ or V16 (based upon board angle). This requires a Lattice Board, Lattice rung, pullup bar, pulley system and weights.

Lattice climbing training board
IMG_6255 copy

Lattice Introductory assessment (lIA)

The Lattice Introductory Assessment (LIA) provides an excellent lower cost and lower resource (no need for a Lattice Board) option for the assessment of lower grade climbers (from f6b or V4). Detailed feedback is automatically provided that the client can use for their own training and monitoring of their performance. This requires a Lattice rung, pull-up bar, pulley system and weights.

Digital Assessment

Coming 2021

The Digital Assessment utilises the brand new Digital Lattice Rung. This allows us to calculate a large number of variables that are known to be important when describing climbing performance, including; maximum finger strength, rate of force development, time to failure at set intensities and critical force, amongst many others. Like the Lattice Board, data is compared to our extensive data set with detailed, structured and actionable performance summary that they may use to prioritise and monitor their training. For the most comprehensive overview of performance, the Digital Assessment may also be combined with the LBA (details to come). Details of the Digital Testing Rung may be found here and a Q&A here.



We work with a number of elite (including para) climbing teams around the world on the assessment and monitoring of their athletes, using both the Lattice Board and the Digital Testing Rung. These are bespoke coach training and assessment packages that are tailored for the team. Please enquire separately for details and pricing.

REport writing process

The Lattice reporting process is designed by the Lattice Team to ensure reports are both consistent and time-efficient to create no matter who the coach is, or where they are in the world. Data is automatically processed by in-house software making report writing a time-efficient and easy process for coaches. 

Please note that data is held and processed by Lattice Training Ltd.

Key Points of Reporting Process

  • Automated – Reports are automatically generated from entered data.
  • Consistent – Feedback is based on the Lattice data set, and interpreted with the extensive experience of a Lattice coach.
  • Concise – Specific, actionable comments can be made on each area of the report.
  • Timely – Feedback may be provided to the client immediately, while written reports can be sent to clients only a short while after the end of the assessment.


All Lattice Assessment packages use a subscription model in order to reduce the price per assessment and to enable us to be able to offer you greater access to resources and support from the Lattice Training Team.

– Access to unlimited assessments for £35 (plus VAT) per month per Lattice Board

– Includes back-end Lattice Team support

– Includes all assessment resources and reporting tools

* Prices may vary according to geographical location


Key Terms of Pricing

One month of free practice assessments is included in the cost of training, with payment starting one month after training.  Subscriptions must be made for a minimum of 6 months and may be cancelled with 3 months notice. Assessment centres with subscriptions lapsed for more than 6 months must go through a re-validation process before assessments may start again.


LBA & LIA training

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK or online
£ 500
per two
  • Full day

    Dates to be confirmed, please contact us if interested.
  • Introduction to conducting LBA, LIA and the reporting tools.

Digital & lia

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK or online
£ 500
per two
  • Full day

    Dates to be confirmed, please contact us if interested.
  • Introduction to conducting Digital Lattice Assessments, using the Digital Lattice Rung, with LIA training included.

Digital, LBA & lia Training

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK or online
£ 750
per two
  • One & a half days

    Dates to be confirmed, please contact us if interested.
  • Introduction to conducting LBA, LIA & Digital Assessment and the reporting tools.

* Prices may vary based on geographical location. Prices do not include VAT which will be added at the checkout.

Let us know!

If you would like to become a Lattice-accredited assessor or partner wall, please get in touch and let us know:

  1. The types of assessment package that you would like to offer your clients.
  2. Suitable training dates for you or your assessors.

* Please note that all Lattice Assessors must agree to our Terms & Conditions, a copy of which is available here.