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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 3: Q&A with Magnus Midtbø (PART 2)

In the second part of our Q&A with Magnus Midtbø, we talk about weird dreams, training and POWER!!

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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 2: Q&A with Magnus Midtbø (PART 1)

In this episode of Ask Lattice we’re joined by special guest and Norwegian climbing superstar Magnus Mitdbø. He talks to Lattice Training founder, Tom Randall, about working with Jujimufu and they even tackle the tricky subject of one finger pull ups.

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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 1: Recovery Methods, Dinosaurs and Peak Performance

We introduce you to a new weekly YouTube series answering your questions about climbing training. In this episode, we cover recovery methods, our favourite dinosaurs, and peak performance.

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