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In our previous post we looked at user ratings for ascents in the top 100 female/sport/boulder database. We missed an important detail though…when an ascent is logged a default rating of 0 stars is given (thanks to NP for the spot!) This complicates things because if we look at the breakdown of ratings by grade… For […]

In previous posts where we’ve looked at data from it’s always been from climbers in the top 100 rankings (female/sport/boulder). This gives us a nice snapshot of ‘elite’ climbers, but what about the rest of the climbers on the site? We’re starting to look at more users, and as a little teaser we’ve put […]

[Update 13/10/2017: user NP pointed out an interesting issue with the below article in the comments.  We’ve done a follow up in Are Hard Climbs Better? Part 2] Have you ever noticed how if you flip open your favourite guidebook all the hardest climbs in the area will tend to get more stars than the easier […]

It is well known that climbing (both bouldering and sport climbing) is a sport that is affected by power to weight ratios. The biggest factor that bodyweight affects is the percentage of bodyweight that we’re able to hang on a climbing hold – simply put, if you reduce body fat and retain lean muscle mass you’ll […]

Body weight in climbing is a hot topic of discussion and has been for a long time. It’s widely acknowledged that carefully controlled body fat composition can help in some situations, but is lighter always better? We have looked at this in the past but it’s always good to have more data, so we’ve teamed up with […]