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Training Tips for Climbers: Monitoring Mental Fatigue

Monitoring Mental Fatigue by Cameron Hartley Fatigue is an important aspect in training that we should all monitor. We are all usually quite good at monitoring physical fatigue but, something else we should consider is mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is defined as a psychobiological state caused by prolonged periods of cognitive activity. It is a cumulative process which manifests both subjectively and […]

Lattice Pinch Block: Warm Ups & Rehab Exercises From Physio Cris Costa.

Addressing the severity of your injury, taking time out to recover, mobilising the injury to increase blood flow, but most importantly allowing healing and recovery. A hot topic in climbing will always be around finger injuries – unfortunately it’s something that will have a high chance of occurring somewhere in every climber’s life. Importantly, we’ve […]

Setting Training Goals

So it’s here… it’s winter and although Christmas is around the corner for most of us “tis the season to be training”. Maintaining motivation during a season of training is one of the most important factors in progressing. So what can we do to stay psyched? Setting training goals is a great way to stay focused, […]