Digital Testing Rung

Digital Testing Rung

Designed to measure force generation through the fingers with unprecedented accuracy

The Lattice Training Digital Testing Rung has been designed to meet the needs of sports scientists who require a valid and reliable means of determining the force output of the forearms and finger flexors. The Digital Rung consists of a standard Lattice Rung, with a high quality, sensitive load cell recording the vertical force that is applied to the hold.

It is important to note that this is not a consumer product. The Digital Rung’s use – including the collection, processing and interpretation of the data – requires detailed knowledge of testing methodologies and data analysis. Remote introductory training on the setup, collection and interpretation of key data is included. Please note that this does not replace the need for existing knowledge. Contact us to discuss on-going support packages.

About the rung

The Digital Rung is capable of outputting the force applied to it as either (1) an amplified digital serial data signal, collected via USB that may be plotted and recorded using any programme capable of capturing serial data (suggestions for software will be included e.g. serial plotting software or MatLab); or (2) direct output of the load cell ready for amplification and analog to digital conversion for use with systems such as PowerLab, to allow integration with other signals.

The tests capable of being performed on the Digital Rung include (but are not limited to):

  • Maximum finger flexor force
  • Rate of force development (separate amplifier recommended)
  • Continuous and intermittent tests of force output at maximal or sub-maximal loads (including critical force).

Examples of these sessions and tools for the processing of this data are provided.

What's Included?

  • Lattice Digital Testing Rung – Single Arm
  • USB cable
  • Cable for connection to proprietary systems
  • Setup guide
  • Examples of key tests and tools for data processing (maximal force, continuous and intermittent tests)
  • 1.5 hr Skype with the Lattice team to help with setup, talk through the calibration process and demonstrate function (one time – details of ongoing support available on request).


Weight: 3.5 kg

Size: height 150 mm – width 340 mm – depth 100 mm

Lattice Rung: 40mm top hold, 20 mm bottom hold with 10 mm radius

Connection: USB (amplified digital serial signal) or six wire output of load cell

Capacity: 200 kg

Sample frequency: ~ 80 Hz (80 samples per second)

Resolution: 0.01 kg (0.1 N)

Output signal: Interval length (milliseconds); Target value (kg or N), Unadjusted output; Calibration factor (slope); Tare (intercept); Calibrated value (kg or N)

Load cell specification:

  • 200 kg maximum capacity
  • 15 V dc maximal excitation voltage (10 V recommended)
  • 2 ± 0.002 mV/V output
  • ± 0.02 mV/V zero balance

Load cell output:

  • 6 wire (+ input; + sense; + output; – input; – sense; – output)

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