External Assessment Pricing

External Assessment Pricing

This page details the assessment pricing for existing lattice assessors

This webpage is intended for existing Lattice Assessors and details pricing structures for each assessment package. If you are looking at becoming a Lattice Assessor or Partner Wall, please visit this page.
The ‘traditional’ Lattice Board Assessment (LBA) still remains the most comprehensive testing process that is available to you and your clients with a huge data set to which comparisons are made – this is our main assessment package. However, new for 2020 is the introduction of the Lattice Introductory Assessment (coming April 2020) and Digital Assessment (coming Summer 2020) packages. This provides you with a wider range of products that you can offer, depending on the ability of your clients, the equipment that you have available, and the information that is required.



Lattice Introductory Assessment Lattice Board Assessment Digital Assessment LBA & Digital Combined
RRP TBC £125 / €140 / $155 £125 / €145 / $160 £150 / €180 / $190
Equipment Required Climbing Wall, Lattice Rung, Pulley System, Pull-Up Bar Lattice Board, Lattice Rung, Pulley System, Pull-Up Bar Digital Rung, Pull-Up Bar, Climbing Wall Lattice Board, Digital Rung, Pull-Up Bar
Basic Movement Analysis X X
Systematic Movement Analysis X X
Functional Movement X X X X
Finger Strength X X X X
Upper Body Strength X X X X
Aerobic Power X X X X
Capacity for Anaerobic Power X X X X
Work Capacity X X


The new 2020 LBA packages are moving to a subscription model in order to reduce the price per assessment and to enable us to be able to offer you greater access to resources and support from the Lattice Training Team. The reduced cost per assessment and the reduced time required to write a report (~30 minutes) will increase the profitability of your assessments. For existing assessment centres (those trained before 31st August 2019), we will have a legacy option for you to pay per assessment. We recommend this option only for centres that are retraining staff or that complete fewer than 6 assessments per year.

Pay per Assessment

Pay per Month

Key Terms of Pricing

The new pricing structure will take effect from 1st March 2020 for all assessors. Unless you have agreed to the terms of the subscription model, you will be automatically charged the new ‘Pay Per Assessment’ fee. As a minimum, you must accept the terms and re-training must be booked before you begin paying the ‘pay per month’ rate. For new assessors, one month of free practice assessments are included in the cost of training, with payment starting one month after training. 

Subscriptions must be made for a minimum of 6 months and may be cancelled with 3 months notice. Assessment centres with subscriptions lapsed for more than 3 months must go through a re-validation process before assessments may start again.

LBA & LIA training

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK
£ 500
per two
  • Full day

    Tuesday 7th April - spaces available
    Tuesday 5th May - spaces available
    Other dates available upon request.
  • Introduction to conducting LBA, LIA and the reporting tools.

Digital & lia Training

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK
£ 500
per two
  • Full day

    Dates to be confirmed, please contact us if interested.
  • Introduction to conducting Digital Lattice Assessments, using the Digital Lattice Rung, with LIA training included.

Digital, LBA & lia Training

The Lock-Up, Chesterfield, UK
£ 750
per two
  • One & a half days

    Dates to be confirmed, please contact us if interested.
  • Introduction to conducting LBA, LIA & Digital Assessment and the reporting tools.

lba refresher

The Lock-Up or online
for these
dates only
  • Half day (including LIA)

    Tuesday 18th February: 8am-10am
    Wednesday 18th March: 1pm-3pm
  • Refresher on conducting LBA, training for new tests and instruction on the new reporting tool.

    [Existing Assessors Only]