Lattice Training Symposium

Lattice Training Symposium

After the success of the Women’s Training Symposium earlier this year, we’re coming back bigger and better than ever! The Lattice Training Symposium will be held at London’s HarroWall on the 5th and 6th October and will involve performance testing and analysis with the Lattice Team, Dr. Dave Giles and Dr. Simon Fryer, as well as specialist training workshops with experts in their field.

The event

Like last year, we want to provide everyone with individual feedback and coaching sessions to help any climber attending improve their performance. The day will be split into two parts. In the morning, you will get to complete individual testing using the latest technologies in climbing performance profiling and analysis. The afternoon will involve coach-led specialist workshops on weightlifting, energy systems, training plan design and more.

The event this year will be held at the awesome venue of HarroWall on the 5th and 6th October, 9am to 6pm each day – you can choose which day you wish to attend.

The cost for the day is £120 including a buffet lunch, goody bag featuring exclusive LTS t-shirt, and post symposium assessment feedback.


Lattice has been a leading influence in physical profiling and subsequent training support for climbing over the last decade. During the Lattice Training Symposium, we want to introduce you to our newest assessment tools, the very latest to be used anywhere in the world! The Lattice Training Symposium will involve full testing and analysis from our research team and Uni partners. You will have access to our new digital fingerboards to test max force, RFD, critical force and more, as well as multiple tests and video analysis. This will give all attendees the opportunity to receive the most detailed feedback ever available to climbers, with tests looking at finger strength, energy systems, contact strength, pulling power, joint mobility, body composition and much more.

You’ll receive your personalised results and feedback from your testing that you can take home on the same day. You are guaranteed to walk away knowing more about how to optimise your training to improve the specific needs of your climbing!


To complement a morning of testing, you will then spend the afternoon in specialist workshops led by the Lattice Coaching Team. We want to offer you the knowledge that we have gained through years of coaching work and research, and show you what you really need in order to improve. All training taught in these sessions is tried and tested. The sessions will include:

Weight lifting – You will learn about key movements for climbers; how to adapt them for your facilities; and how to train strength and power throughout your training season.

Energy systems – Understand how to train your anaerobic and aerobic pathways correctly; getting the intensity right and using any facility to maximise your training time.

Planning your training – Learn how to make a training plan for yourself; understand the basic physiology behind climbing and how to manage different training methods and recovery cycles.

The Team

The whole Lattice Team of coaches will be attending the Training Symposium, with decades of experience in training plan design, testing and analysis.

As well as that, Dr. Dave Giles.designer of the Lattice Digital Research Rung, will be running the testing sessions alongside Dr. Simon Fryer, a senior lecturer in exercise physiology, with research interests in rock climbing physiology and psychophysiology.

You will get a chance to learn from the knowledge and expertise of the team, and ask them any questions about training and testing you may have.

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