Food Diary Analysis

Food Diary Analysis

Get a detailed food analysis of your current nutritional intake to help you understand, along with your Personalised Nutrition Guide, where you can make changes to optimise your intake for climbing and training



The Lattice Food Diary Analysis service involves a thorough assessment of your current habits in relation to your nutritional needs (taking into account training and climbing) and personal preferences. We provide you with an in-depth analysis and key areas for you to implement, change or develop, as well as a personlised nutrition guide.

We use the latest evidence based nutritional knowledge to help you understand how to get the most out of what you eat by fuelling for performance as well as recovery, adaptation and overall health.

STEP ONE: Tell us about your food and activity habits with a 3-day food and activity log

We will ask for a 3-day food and activity log so that we can analyse your current nutritional intake and habits. 

We will send you details of how to compile and share this information with us in a convenient way.

STEP TWO: Receive your Food Diary Analysis

Once we have reviewed your assessment and analysed your nutritional intake we will send you a report that gives you a breakdown of how your current intake compares to what we would recommend you do. 


STEP THREE: Book a consultation with our nutritionist (note: Food Diary Analysis is necessary for this option)

This is an optional add-on service that we are offering if you want a one-off consultation session with our Nutritionist to go through your recommendations and analysis with you. We have done our best to make the service as clear and understandable as possible but we also understand that in some cases, it's nice to have an opportunity to talk to someone about the information you have received. You will have the option of booking a consultation when you receive your documents.

step Four: Sign up for a nutrition Plan (optional)

After you receive your Personalised Nutrition Guide and your Food Diary Analysis you can opt to start one of our Nutrition Plans (if you haven’t already!). Contact us to join our waiting list

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