Personalised Nutrition Guide

Personalised Nutrition Guide

Get advice on how to optimise your nutrition for climbing and training



The Lattice Personalised Nutrition Guide is a bespoke guide to nutrition to help you with the basics of supportive nutrition. It is specific to your needs, your activity levels and your food preferences and provides you with practical advice moving forward.

We use the latest evidence based nutritional knowledge to help you understand how to get the most out of what you eat by fuelling for performance as well as recovery, adaptation and overall health.

STEP ONE: Tell us about your needs, activity levels, food preferences and goals

Our initial assessment consists of a form that we will send you to gather vital information that makes this guide bespoke to you. 

This information helps us to build a picture of your goals, nutritional needs and activity levels that will inform our nutritional recommendations to you.

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STEP TWO: Receive your Personalised Nutrition Guide

Once we have reviewed your information and have a good idea of your needs, we will send you a guide that gives you a breakdown of what we would recommend to optimise your nutritional intake along with detailed information on how to implement any steps that we suggest you make.

step three (optional): Food Diary Analysis

After you receive your guide you can sign up for a Food Diary Analysis and complete a 3-day food and activity log so that we can further analyse your current nutritional intake and habits. 

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