Partner Walls

At Lattice Training we want everyone to have the tools and know-how to be able to train effectively towards their goals. We’ve teamed up with the following walls to help bring Lattice Training to a wall near you. Just get in touch with your nearest wall to organise a Lattice Board Assessment or contact us directly and we’ll put you in touch.

The Lattice Board can be mounted at various angles so, where possible, it’s worth choosing a location with a board at an angle that is suitable for you. As a rough guide we recommend the following grade ranges:

Board Angle

Sport Grade (french)

Sport Grade (YDS)

Bouldering Grade

10° 6a to 7b 10b to 11d V0 to V4
15° 6b to 8a+ 10d 13c V1 to V6
20° 6c to 8b 11b to 14c V3 to V8
27.5° 7b+ to 8c+ 12c to 14c V6 to V12
50° 8b upwards 13d upwards V10 upwards