Climbers Care Pack


The ultimate kit for developing and maintaining send quality skin. What’s more, you can choose between two sizes this Christmas (Essentials & Ultimate) to treat the climber in your life this training season, or even just treat yourself.

Items Essential Ultimate
Lattice Branded Pouch
3x Extensor bands
Acupressure Ring
Lattice Hand File
x3 Replacement Strips
Lattice Sticker Pack
1.25cm Finger Tape
3.8cm Finger Tape
Rhino Skin Solutions Repair Lotion
Rhino Skin Solutions Split
Lattice Foamie
Lattice Nail Clippers



  • Lattice Branded Pouch – Sized perfectly to fit all the essentials together. Never lose your clippers in the bottom of your crag bag again!3x Extensor bands
  • 3x Extensor bands – Develop strength in the forearm extensor muscles helps the fingers in handling the intense loads they are put under whilst climbing.
  • Acupressure Ring – Massage your fingers to stimulate blood flow to your extremities either before or after a heavy session.
  • Lattice Hand File – Use our hand file to condition your skin before a big trip, even out layers for faster growth, knockdown calluses before they hurt, and smooth off ridges before they tear.
  • x3 Replacement Strips – We’ve tested all the brands and grits of sandpaper to find the most effective for developing tough skin and keeping flappers at bay so you can always keep your skin in top condition.
  • Lattice Sticker Pack – 20+ stickers to jazz up your car window, Nalgene bottle, fingerboard or fridge.
  • 1.25cm Finger Tape – Used by climbers to stop skin tears or support their pulleys, and weightlifters for prevent skin abrasion.
  • Rhino Skin Solutions Repair Lotion – Our favourite non-greasy solution to skin repair and health. Analgesic menthol, nourishing magnesium, and essential oils in a re-fillable travel size bottle, perfect for trips!
  • Rhino Skin Solutions Split – For splits and gobies, we’ve included split: formulated with beeswax enriched with vitamin E, arnica, dragons blood, and tea tree oil to help disinfect and speed recovery.
  • Lattice Foamie – The first thing our athletes reach for when warming up or rehabbing an injury: an ergonomically shaped foam ball that evenly loads the fingers.
  • Lattice Nail Clippers – Trim your toes, fingers, and flappers. Nail clippers are a no-brainer for a crag bag, and what better than a set that doubles as a bottle opener!
  • 3.8cm Finger Tape – Used by climbers to stop skin tears or support their pulleys, and weightlifters for prevent skin abrasion.
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Essential, Ultimate

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