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Read our blog and now you want to increase your climbing flexibility? We’ve taken our latest flexibility tools and bundled them in this pre-production exclusive deal so you can level up your bridge splits and take those high steps higher. Get yourself everything you need to complete the MyFlex assessment and get a free report on your climbing flexibility (coming soon).

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We’ve taken the same methodology as our proven hangboarding protocols and applied it to flexibility training. Measure periodically session to session to break plateaus and take control of your progress.

We’ve put our cork yoga mat and block in a bundle because while they’re both great products, they’re even better together! Push the block along the mat to easily mark how far you’ve stretched without having to strain your neck to see. Use the block as a consistent way to modify stretches to make them easier or harder.

Made from organic materials, our cork stretching equipment is more eco-friendly than other plastic based equipment. The soft cork is kind to your skin and the thick natural rubber base supports you in all stretches. Combined they make a durable, anti-tear cork yoga mat with natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties that remains grippy even after a sweaty session.

Test your flexibility and compare your results with our dataset! Find out how you stack up against the community and identify areas of potential improvement. Just go to MyFlex for instructions and enter your scores, be one of the first 100 submissions to be automatically entered into our flex plan giveaway*.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Dimensions 66 × 11 × 11 cm
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