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Lattice 365 - Subscription

  • Daily group support from our coaches, physio and nutritionist
  • Exclusive discounts on products and services
  • A 7-day free trial
  • Community experience sharing from a psyched group of climbers!

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Gain access to daily coaching, physio and nutrition support via our members-only Facebook group with exclusive member discounts and free access to our webinar library.

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How we deliver

Lattice 365 is a Facebook based, coach-supported platform which allows you to post questions or comments to our coaches, physio and nutritionist any day of the week. All discussions are contained within our private Facebook group and are supported by an online login on our website for all complimentary webinar resources.

You will get access best tools and resources in climbing and coaching but at a much-reduced cost.

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Simple and effective with direct coach feedback

If you want to be able to ask lattice coaches questions and get well thought responses on your particular scenario then this is the place to be.

- Leo
Ollie and tom on laptop analysing climbing data

Instant access to the Lattice knowledge and resources

Information sharing and advice at your fingertips. This is what is going to make the difference between 7b and 8a. It’s such a fantastic community and family of fellow climbers and expert coaches.

- Iggi

Incredible value for money

I am part of the 365 Lattice community since a few months now and I learnt a lot from other people’s experiences. The direct access to high-level coaches is something unique and a bargain at this price…

- Romain

Psyched community of climbers training hard and looking for ways to improve. Great to have the multi coach feedback on any topic that you could wish for. Oh yeah, and they make you stronger!

- Lance

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Plan Delivery

After signing up you will be connected to the entire Lattice Premium coaching team via Facebook.

As a member you will get:

  • To ask our coaches, nutritionists and third-party physio (Tim Pigott) your coaching questions 24/7
  • Exclusive discounts and early bird offers on Lattice training equipment and services
  • Weekly LIVE 1:1 coaching Q&A’s with a different member of the Lattice Premium coaching team each week
  • Unlimited access to the Lattice Webinar library (including Premium Ask Lattice Webinars)
  • Access to a highly supportive community of climbers, coaches, nutritionists and physios ready for discussion and sharing… every single day!


Following a 7-day free trial, payment is taken each month (£10) as your subscription renews automatically until cancelled – see free trial t&c’s here,  see general t&c’s here


  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must have access to Facebook


This is a great resource for climbers at all levels, because you get feedback from a very supportive community combined with the input from professionals with a large experience. So that at the end you get to learn a lot. The format of the platform allows you to ask anything at any time about any aspect of the sport. Great value!