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The ultimate skin care & fingerboard training accessory combo + replacements!

There are two problems that most climbers want to solve, when it comes to fingerboarding. One is skin condition and the other is what to do when your fingerboard doesn’t have the size of edge you need for testing or training! We’ve also bundled both of our size options together to give you almost every edge size option you could ever desire and then we’ve added on top of this, the full replacement sandpaper pack so that you’ll be happily sanding and fingerboarding for years to come without the need to fill up yet another rubbish bin with limited-use plastic.

This pack contains our carefully crafted chunks of goodness and is designed to address both of the above problems! On one hand you have a lightweight, ergonomic skin sanding block with replaceable sanding surfaces (saves you throwing things into the refuse!). On the other hand you have a magnetic “blocker” designed to fit our very own Triple Rung and also the other major fingerboard brands. Added on top of it all, we give you a full replacement paper pack including a custom-use add on.

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The sanding feature of our Multiblock uses replaceable, highly durable, self-adhesive sandpaper. You can combine this with our multi-paper packs so that you’ve got all your long term skincare needs sorted. Each strip can easily be removed and applied each time and is easy enough to cut into different shapes should you wish to customise your multiblock.

The fingerboard blocker is shaped to work in conjunction with our own Triple Rung (nice flat edge to sit on) and also the major “slot-based” fingerboards on the market as we’ve continually been asked how to adapt fingerboards! Each multiblock is installed with a strong magnetic centre which allows for easy extraction from deeper slots and provides a rather nice way of stacking blocks together as well.

The reusable/replaceable sanding papers come in a pre-cut size of 18mm wide (so will need to be cut in half if replacing a 9mm block).

  • 2 x 18mm block (pair) supplied with sandpaper finish
  • 2 x 9mm block (pair) supplied with sandpaper finish
  • 8 x replacement sanding strips + additional custom square
  • Magnetised for easy removal from deeper fingerboard slots
  • Converts multiple fingerboard options

Made from premium birch ply in the UK and hand assembled in Chesterfield.

Important delivery information: Delivery to customers outside of the UK may result in liability for customs/import duties in addition to the price displayed on our website. These will not be paid by Lattice Training.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 18.0 × 3 cm

Multiblock, Multiblock Pro, Multiblock Pro +

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1 review for Lattice Multiblock Pro +

  1. James Dickinson

    What a great hack for changing your fingerboard. I’ve used these with my Beastmaker to adjust the sizes super easy and the product doubles as a skin care widget as well. Winner.