Lattice Nutrition Plan Subscription

£65.00 / month

A monthly subscription for a Lattice Nutrition Plan.

Choose between a Periodised Plan or Consultation Plan depending on what suits you best!


We appreciate that everyone's circumstances can be different, so if you are unable to answer any of the above questions in the way needed to proceed, we would be happy to consider your situation on an individual basis. Please email [email protected] with some additional information about your situation and we will be able to explore this further with you

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Need help knowing how and what to eat to support your body while climbing or training for climbing? Want some help navigating all the confusing and conflicting information out there about nutrition?

Our Lattice Nutrition Plans are a choice between two unique subscription services we have developed, to provide you with ongoing support to help optimise your training, performance and health. We use the latest evidence based nutritional knowledge to help you get the most out of what you eat by fuelling for performance as well as recovery, adaptation, overall health and specific sports nutrition protocols (where appropriate).

Before you start on a plan, you must first complete an assessment of your current habits and nutritional needs taking into account your training and climbing via our Personal Nutrition Guide and Food Diary Analysis (*not included in cost of plan).

Then once you have received your guide and analysis and signed up for a plan we will be on hand to support you through the implementation of the plan. Monitoring your progress, applying specific nutritional protocols to support training and performance and adapting areas of your nutrition where needed.

Choose between a Periodised Plan or Consultation Plan depending on what type of support suits you best.

As a reminder, you are agreeing to a minimum subscription period of 3 months, therefore we are not able to offer any pro rata refunds during this period. If you wish to cancel your subscription at any point, you must provide at least 6 weeks’ written notice before the end date listed on your most recent nutrition plan (even if in the first 3 months of your nutrition plan with us). After the first 3 months, your subscription (unless terminated by you) will continue on a 3 month rolling basis to match the length of nutrition plans prepared by our nutritionist.
Please see our Terms of Service for further information.

Additional information

Which plan type would you like?

Periodised Plan, Consultation Plan

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the last 5 years?

Yes, No

Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder?

Yes, No

Do you consider yourself to currently have disordered eating habits?

Yes, No

Are you medically safe to train and climb?

Yes, No

Are you over 18?

Yes, No


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