Personalised Nutrition Guide

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Get advice on how to optimise your nutrition for climbing and training.

Add on Food Diary Analysis to get a detailed food analysis of your current nutritional intake to help you understand, along with your Personalised Nutrition Guide, where you can make changes to optimise your intake for climbing and training.

Both of these services are required before doing a Nutrition Plan.

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The Lattice Personalised Nutrition Guide is a bespoke guide to nutrition to help you with the basics of supportive nutrition. It is specific to your needs, your activity levels and your food preferences and provides you with practical advice moving forward. 

We use the latest evidence-based nutritional knowledge to help you understand how to get the most out of what you eat by fuelling for performance as well as recovery, adaptation and overall health.

Optional – The Lattice Food Diary Analysis service involves a thorough assessment of your current habits in relation to your nutritional needs (taking into account training and climbing) and personal preferences. We provide you with an in-depth analysis and key areas for you to implement, change or develop, as well as a personalised nutrition guide.

Would you like to add on a Food Diary Analysis (required before doing a Nutrition Plan)?

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Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the last 5 years?

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Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder?

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Do you consider yourself to currently have disordered eating habits?

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Are you medically safe to train and climb?

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