Remote Climbing Assessment – Advanced + Technique Analysis


A Remote Climbing Assessment aimed at advanced climbers operating at around 7b+/12c/V7 and above. You do the testing then our highly trained climbing coaches will analyse your movement and crunch the numbers using our specially developed statistical models so that you can pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness in your climbing.


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This climbing assessment is specially designed for climbers operating at around 7b+/12c/V7 and above. We’ll take you through a broad range of tests, from video analysis of your movement patterns to finger strength testing on the hangboard. All you need is a 20mm edge (we recommend our Lattice Training Rung for best results), a 10mm edge, a pull up bar, some weights, rings and a basic pulley setup. For the movement analysis part of this assessment you’ll also need access to a bouldering wall as well as a camera to film yourself (a phone works great!)

We’ll provide you with our remote assessment protocols and detailed guidance on how to complete the testing. Once you have completed the testing you then send your data back to us. We will analyse your data and provide you with an in depth, hand written feedback report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses relative to your ambitions.

A Remote Climbing Assessment is a perfect base to start a customised training plan.


To purchase the Remote Assessment via the shop you must meeting the following criteria

  • You over 18 years old
  • You are currently un-injured, and have not been advised by a professional to cease physical activity
  • Unfortunately, if you are pregnant we cannot offer assessment or training services because we aren’t insured for this. If you are currently pregnant please get in touch to discuss.
  • As a minimum, you have climbed at least 5 routes of 7a+/12a and above or V5  and harder in the last 6 months
  • You are able to use a fingerboard competently
  • You will need all of the equipment listed below

The grade requirement is the minimum grade at which you can do an Advanced Remote Assessment. We recommend you are climbing at least 7b+ or V7 for the advanced assessment. If you don’t meet these requirements then an Intermediate Assessment will be a better fit for you.


In order to complete the assessment you will need access to the following equipment

  • 20mm flat edge e.g. Lattice Training Rung or Beastmaker 1000 (bottom outer edges)
  • 10mm flat edge
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weights
  • Scales
  • A Sling
  • Pulley System (3 carabiners and a pulley)
  • 2m Length of Rope
  • Climbing Harness
  • Access to a bouldering wall
  • A video camera e.g. your phone
  • A youtube account

Please note that your remote assessment must be completed within 6 months from purchase.

Additional information

I am over 18

Yes, No

I am currently uninjured

Yes, No

I have climbed 5 or more 7a+/12a routes or V5 boulders

Yes, No

I can competently use a fingerboard

Yes, No

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the last 5 years? Or consider yourself to have disordered eating?

Yes, No


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