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The Lattice Rung is a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The top of the rung is a large, comfortable hold for warming up while the bottom 20mm edge is designed for testing and training.


The Lattice Rung is a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The top of the rung is a large, comfortable hold for warming up while the bottom 20mm edge is designed for testing and training.

This rung is the standard edge we use worldwide with our Lattice Assessments and is supported by the largest dataset in the climbing industry. Included with the rung are details of how to perform a finger strength self-assessment that allows you to measure your maximum force throughout a training season and see how you compare to all the other climbers we have tested. We will be able to identify if you are “strong” or “weak” for your climbing grade in both bouldering and route climbing disciplines and produce a mini report, customised to you, for free!

There are also 3 training sessions included with your fingerboard that you can use to help to train and improve those finger strength scores!

Made and assembled in the UK. End caps are available for the rung as an optional extra.

Installation instructions for the Testing and Training Rung are available here

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3 reviews for Lattice Testing and Training Rung

  1. Benjamin Rueck

    The Lattice Training Rung has pretty much replaced all of my hang board system trainers. Ever since beginning my Lattice Training it has become an essential tool for developing healthy (and I stress healthy) growth of my finger strength.

    However; what I really like about this board is that it looks simple, yet it is cruel. The rounded 20mm edge is surprisingly devilish and hard to control. That coupled with either a training regiment from Lattice or the Crimpd app, it is easy to have concise and easy to follow finger training programs that show gains and progress.

    I give it a five star rating for its simplicity and straight forward gains.

  2. zofiareych

    The training and testing rung is the only fingerboard I use for home training. It was a bit of a silly motivation to go for this one as opposed to others but I just think it’s much more minimal and aesthetic and I don’t really understand the need for having pockets on a fingerboard – just use one or two fingers on the rung and it’s the same! Turns out I was right about that and then discovered many other advantages of the testing rung, ones admittedly more important to training than how pretty/minimalist it is 😉 The rounded 20mm edge (MEAN…!) is a true indicator of finger strength as there is no reliance of skin friction on the edge for hangs. It also allows for more frequent training sessions as skin is never the issue on the rung. The top jug is great for warming up or pullups. I added two home-made 10mm edges on either side of my board to have something for smaller edge training and I’d say that’s the only thing that misses from the rung – if you’re very psyched about that perhaps get the triple rung instead but I do smaller edge training so infrequently (and also only recently as it takes a looong time to build up to it) that I don’t have the need for that on the main fingerboard. The additional benefit is that of being able to benchmark my progress against the database of Lattice scores recorded on the rung. There are plenty of training resources available from them which are all built around the rung and I find it more motivating to know that I’m training on the same tool, meaning my progress is measured in the most accurate way. All in all, the best fingerboard I ever tried.

  3. Jason

    This block is rad. I’ve been climbing since 2007 and have used my fair share of training tools over the years. Lattice’s crimp/pinch block is one of my favorites. It may be fairly simple in design compared to other hangboards/blocks on the market, so if you are interested in having one singular block with every size of crimps/pinch/etc., this may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a simplistic yet effective tool, regardless of it being your first or fifth training block, Lattice’s is an easy one to recommend. I’m sure we’ve all heard it: less is more.

    An additional note, shout outs to Tom and the team at Lattice. Solid training products in today’s market are not difficult to find as there is no lack of companies making training tools out there today. However, quality customer service may be harder to come by and what I’ve received through Lattice is second to none. Not just a solid product, but a solid team behind the product.

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