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Performance Training Plan - Lattice Training

Performance Training Plan

£105.00 every 4 weeks (+ upfront payment)

Sign up for your Performance Plan today to get booked in for a 1:1 consultation with your personal coach and get off to a flying start with your “discovery phase” of initial training!

The first month of your plan will be a “discovery phase”, which introduces you to the training sessions we use, including a 1:1 video consultation with your coach and will be followed by a full assessment and analysis report to break down your strengths and weaknesses. Your coach will use the “discovery phase” to create your next 12 weeks of “fully loaded” training so that your body is adequately conditioned and you’re in total control of how we will be working with you.

Your plan starts on the next Monday that we have coach availability, or you can choose to delay your start date and organise a time that suits you via email. Just select the option that is best for you in the form below!


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