Lite Plan

Lite Plan

3 month customised Training Plan with free mini-assessment

£120* per 12 week block

* Price may vary depending on currency and location

"Best decision I’ve made in climbing. The plan has been fantastic at both getting me fitter / stronger and also (maybe most importantly) building my confidence on climbs. Already planning to take on another the 3 month block as I can’t bear the thought of not having a structure like this!"
Emma Binnersley
Lite Plan Client

Are you looking to improve your climbing, structure your training and work on your areas of greatest potential?

With our Lite Plan, you will complete an assessment of your current profile, receive feedback and then have an experienced coach design you a customised training plan for your goals. Over the years of working with climbers from around the world, we’ve distilled down the key ingredients that make our plans so successful. Those primary training and assessment elements allow you to reap the rewards of our expertise, but at a level that’s more productive if you’re unsure of training and want to try it out without investing in a longer term Premium Plan.

With the Lite Training Plan, we’ll put you through a mini-assessment, collect details on your goals and climbing history, and then our coaching team will design you a completely customised training plan. Each training plan lasts for 12 weeks, and the plan and sessions are powered through our free training app, Crimpd. You can see your plan, training sessions and record your data all through the app, with detailed analytics and history.

Your plan will be designed with the focus that you assign (bouldering, routes or competition) and will fit the facilities that you have available and the time you want to invest.

Please note that you must be over 18 and climbing at a level of 6b / V4 to carry out a Lite Plan. You should also be able to hang at bodyweight from a 20mm edge for at least 10 seconds. Get in touch if you have any queries.

How to start your Lite plan with us...


A mini-assessment is included in the price of your Lite Plan and measures your strength, endurance and mobility in a number of tests that can be completed in a single session. With these scores and your climbing history, we can analyse your physical performance to create a customised Lite Training Plan. All plans are hand-built by our coaches to work with your goals and lifestyle. If you’re wanting to climb for fun two days a week and just train one day a week at the gym, we will cater for this. Likewise, if you only want sessions that can be completed on a fingerboard and weights/TRX, that’s all fine!

Two arm dead hang ollie 1

Step two: tell us about your goals & facilities

After you complete your mini-assessment, you’ll need to fill in a form that tells us your results, as well as information about your climbing goals, training facilities and schedule. This will allow us to create your plan taking into account all of these important components. So, if you’re a boulderer looking to climb a V7 on gritsone, or a sport climber heading to Kalymnos in 12 weeks, we can curate a plan based on your unique goals.

As a minimum, we advise that our Lite clients are able to train for 2 x 2 hour sessions in a gym, but we can also create fingerboard and conditioning only plans and take into account irregular work schedules and holidays with limited facilities, provided that you tell us in advance.

Step three: start your Training Plan

With a combination of your assessment results, climbing goals and weekly schedule, our coaching team will design a customised training plan that you can work through independently. This will sit on your account of our Crimpd App, so you can access your plan and log your sessions through your phone when you are training in the gym or at home. See more information on how to view your plan here.

After the first week of your plan, you won’t have direct coaching support so Lite Plans are suited to people who don’t feel they need that added assistance, or who want to delve into the world of training without committing to a longer term Premium Plan.

Please note that we have a highly active Facebook Community Group that’s set up for crowd-sourced training support, and many of our Lite Plan climbers are active on that forum.

STEP Four: Complete your training sessions

The sessions in your Lite Plan will take you through workouts to train Endurance, Power Endurance, Strength & Power and Conditioning. Following each training session in your plan is simple through our free Crimpd App, which details descriptions on how to complete each session, what equipment is required and features an in-built timer for completing the sessions.

The Training Plan tab shows all your sessions for the week, and when complete the session turns from red to a satisfying green. You can also see your weekly progress for each training category.

Step Five: Track Your Progress

It’s easier than ever to track your progress with a Lite Plan, thanks to the history and analytics tools in the Crimpd App. After each training exercise, you can log your session choosing the grade, percentage completion, difficulty and add any additional notes.

The analytics tab allows you to see graphs of exactly how much you’ve been training via either workouts or workloads. The App also includes testing sessions – which may be prescribed in your plan – so you can analyse performance and progress.

"Unexpectedly awesome! A brilliant training tool and well worth the time to those wanting to improve their climbing. Prior to starting a Lattice Lite plan, I had never actively trained for climbing, I would just go to the gym or the crag and…climb. Having completed my first Lattice Lite plan, I am already planning the second. It is really cool that the plan is tailored to individual strengths, weaknesses and climbing goals – based on the outcome of a testing session and a written feedback form. The Crimpd app in which the different training sessions feature is well built and works extremely well as a companion to the Lite Plan."

Lite Plan Client

How to start

Purchase your Lite Plan in our shop! You will immediately receive a welcome pack and testing kit that will take you through what to do next, starting with the mini-assessment.

You must have an active Crimpd account before submitting your results, so your coach can make your plan available on the app!



Once you have completed the mini-assessment you can specify a start date between 2 weeks and 12 weeks from when you submitted your data. If you don’t provide a specific start date, we’ll schedule your plan to start 2 weeks from when you submitted your mini-assessment.

Your plan will be delivered by the Friday prior to your start date.

What are the requirements for starting A Lite Plan?

You need to be over 18, uninjured and have climbed at least 6b/5.10+ routes and V4 boulder. You should also be able to hang at bodyweight from a 20mm edge for at least 10 seconds. If you are unsure, just contact us.

Do I get feedback from the mini-assessment?

No, we only use the mini-assessment for putting together your climbing training plan. If you want more targeted feedback we offer a range of assessments that do come with full written feedback.

If I’ve done a Remote Assessment or Lattice Board Assessment do I still need to do the mini-assessMent?

No, as long as your assessment was relatively recent then we can use the results from that to write your Lite Plan.

Do I get in person coaching and online support?

No. Lite plans are designed for individuals who are happy operating with minimal external support.

What does a plan include?

You will get a mini-assessment followed by a periodised training schedule detailing which sessions to do and when. The schedule will last for 12 weeks and details week by week which sessions to complete. 

Can you plan around weird schedules and/or limited facilities?

Yes! We understand that not everyone can dedicate 15 hours a week to climbing training so we specialise in designing plans to fit your schedule and your facilities. If you work on an oil rig, in the military or just have a busy family life, we are more than happy to schedule your training plan around this.

Can you edit my plan?

We don’t offer edits to your plan as part of our Lite package, however if you spot a problem with your plan upon delivery, please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify it for you.

What happens at the end of the plan?

You can either purchase another block of Lite plan – including a re-assessment to measure your progress – via the shop or you can upgrade to our Premium Plan.

What if I get injured?

If you become injured, you should stop all training immediately and seek professional help. Our Lite Plans do not include any rehab advice, but if you are concerned at any point please feel free to contact us.