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Flexibility Training Plan

£80.00 every 4 weeks and £30.00 for initial Discovery Phase

  • Personal flexibility coach
  • Customised training plan
  • Initial Discovery Phase: assessment and 6 key flexibility lessons
  • Detailed daily sessions
  • Video-led instructions
  • Minimum 26 week term (x6 subscription payments)
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Personal 1:1 flexibility coaching for those who want a full assessment, goals analysis and bespoke training plan.

How we deliver

At Lattice, we understand that flexibility is an essential pillar of climbing performance. We also understand that being strong through an entire range of movement is key to the best performance and athletic health.

Your improvements in flexibility, mobility and strength start with a full, detailed assessment of your upper and lower body flexibility. Your coach will then build you a customised plan with daily session guidance and performance monitoring throughout your plan.

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Flexibility training that transfers to climbing performance

My mobility has increased drastically in the areas we focused on and it’s translated directly to my climbing in many ways. In 3 months of training with lattice I’ve improved 2 letter grades in my ability to flash gym routes.

- Travis
Josh flexibility exercise

Increase strength and control throughout your climbing movement

I have definitely felt more in control in stretched out positions and positions on the wall involving hooks. Also when I have to get my legs close to my body in weird angles I feel way more in control and don’t cramp up like I have before. Feels amazing!

- Jan-Ole
Josh performing flexibility exercise

I have been following the plan religiously and have already made great progress across all exercises so super motivated to continue! I believe my improvements are already translating into my climbing sessions as my movement and body position is making the problems easier every session. I am super psyched with how everything is going and will remain consistent with the training

- Alister
flexibility training

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How We Deliver

Your training journey with Lattice starts with a “Discovery Phase” where we will lead you through your assessment, aim to identify your strengths and weaknesses, teach some of the fundamentals of flexibility training and begin to develop a relationship with your coach. Following these 2 weeks we will be able to build out your totally bespoke training plan.

Your communications with your coach will follow the structure below:

  • Delivery of Discovery Phase – 2 weeks of training including 6 key lessons to help you develop your understanding of flexibility training as well as an assessment of your current flexibility.
  • Delivery of Plan – Week 0
    • Assessment Report with an outline of where training focus will be placed.
    • First 12-week personalised Flexibility Plan with video run-through of structure and progressions.
  • Plan Check-in – Week 2
    • You’ve had a couple of weeks to get going. Send us any questions you have and your coach will send you a video recording with detailed answers.
  • Plan Check-in – Week 6
    • Things are really getting going now. Your training notes will be reviewed in a video recording and any modifications necessary will be made.
  • Plan Check-in & Assessment – Week 10
    • Week 10 is the re-assessment week!
    • We will review how the plan has gone so far now that you’ve got a good block of training under your belt. Any questions and training notes will be reviewed in a video recording as before.
  • Next stage of training – Week 12
    • Flexibility Assessment results are sent to you and also your next stage of training and progress!


Sign up with £30 one off payment for your discovery phase, and a 4 week deposit (£80); subsequent payments are then put on hold until the first day of your plan.

We work with all Flexibility Plan clients for a minimum term of 26 weeks – we’ve summarised below what you can expect to receive during your first 26 weeks with us!

1. Upfront Payment
When Taken On purchase of subscription
Amount £80* (Deposit)
£30* (Assessment + Flexibility Lessons)
What you will receive The Deposit reserves your space and is refundable when you cease training with us after the minimum 26 week term if you give us at least 6 weeks’ notice in line with our cancellation policy.

The second element of your upfront payment covers the Discovery Phase, which includes assessment and flexibility lessons.

2. Subscription Payments
When Taken First Monday after Discovery Phase and every 4 weeks thereafter (6 minimum payments)
Amount £80* 4 weekly subscription
What you will receive Your first 2 weeks of training will be a Discovery Phase, during which you will perform an assessment to help inform your future training with us.

After the Discovery Phase you will receive your first 12 week training plan. This will be followed by another 12 week training plan to take you up to the end of your minimum 26 week term. Your subscription will then renew automatically for a further 12 week term (requiring x3 subscription payments) unless you give us 6 weeks’ notice of cancellation.

For further information please see our terms of service and cancellation policy.

*Please note that bank transaction fees may apply in addition to the prices stated on our website if you pay in a currency not currently supported by us.

Discovery Phase: Consultation and Assessment

Your Flexibility Assessment is integral to your plan and will need to be completed within the 2 week discovery phase of your plan. Your report will be delivered along with your first 12 week Flexibility Plan, each plan stage is written for 12 weeks

The “Discovery Phase” of your plan (which is the first 2 weeks of training) includes some basic sessions so you can gain familiarity with the format of the training as well as a comprehensive flexibility assessment which we will then use to put together your training plan. The report from your flexibility assessment will be delivered with your first 12 week flexibility plan.



  • The assessment requires videos of you performing flexibility skills, where you’ll need a fair amount of space and someone to help position a camera/phone.


  • You must be over 18 years of age – You must have climbed V4/6b+/5.10+ in the last year
  • You must not be injured*
  • You must be willing to carry out a minimum of 26 weeks (x6 subscription payments every 4 weeks) of training – Get in touch if you have any queries.

* Fingers and forearms won’t limit you ability to complete this training plan