Looking to combine a Flexibility Training Plan with a Lattice Training Plan? Contact us today.

Flexibility Training Plan

£80.00 every 4 weeks (+ upfront payment)

  • 100% customised training plan
  • Support from a remote 1:1 coach
  • Focused on flexibility for climbing
  • Includes full flexibility assessment
  • 100's of flexibility-focused sessions
  • Edit your plan, whenever you want
  • Easy-to-follow sessions via the Lattice Training app
  • 15% discount to use at your leisure in the Lattice Training shop
  • 36% off 'A Climbers Guide to Training' online course

New spaces will be added to the website every Wednesday at 1pm BST. Those currently on the waitlist will be prioritised.

Video Consultation

open quotation Personal 1:1 flexibility coaching for those who want a full assessment, goals analysis and bespoke training plan. closed quotation

Travis Broadhurst

How we deliver

Step 1:


You will receive a complete assessment to test your upper and lower body flexibility.

Step 2:


Your 1:1 coach will analyse your results and send you a video breaking down your areas of strength and weakness.

Step 3:


Receive your 100% custom plan, based on your unique performance and goals! Every plan is written from scratch, and accounts for your available time, facilities, preferred sessions, and experience.

Step 4:


Your personal coach is available via our in-app chat to support you throughout your journey. Not only will they answer all your questions, our plans are fully adjustable, meaning your coach can edit your plan for any last-minute changes.

Step 5:


Following your plan is easy with our straightforward instructional tutorials and follow along videos. Easily track your progress with ongoing athlete monitoring and regular check-ins and retesting.

Buy Now

Key Points

  • 14 week minimum commitment
  • 4 weeks notice required prior to cancellation
  • 4-weekly subscription
  • Payment required upfront

What do I pay today?

  • £80 Upfront Payment
  • Total: £80

What do I pay in the future?

  • £80 every 4 weeks

Please note: bank transaction fees may apply to currently unsupported currencies

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must have bouldered V4/6B or sport climbed 6b+/5.10+ in the last 12 months
  • You must not be injured* (excluding finger injuries)
  • You must be willing to carry out a minimum of 14 weeks of training
  • You must not be pregnant


  • The assessment requires videos of you performing flexibility skills: this will need a clear space where you can move, and may require someone to film you on a camera/phone.


No problem! Many of our clients come to us for their first coaching experience.

Your 1:1 coach is only a message away. They’re always on hand to help, from answering your questions to teaching you how to structure your training.


We work with clients all over the globe. All of our coaching services are offered remotely so you can access world-class training, wherever you are based.

Most of the climbers we work with have full time jobs, often with families and other responsibilities.

Our Performance Coaching Plans are ideal for a busy lifestyle. Not only are they 100% customised, they are also flexible, meaning if something last minute comes up, your coach can edit your plan to suit.

We have experience working with athletes across a huge range of abilities; from those attempting their first V6 all the way up to professional rock climbers.

For a Performance Coaching Plan, in the last 12 months, you must have bouldered V5/6C or sport climbed 7a+/5.12a.

Interested in our Performance Coaching Plan, but climbing V4/6B boulder or 6b+/5.10+ sport? Check out our Lattice Training Plans.

For a Flexibility Training Plan, in the last 12 months, you must have bouldered V4/6B or sport climbed 6b+/5.10+.

Absolutely not! Most of our clients are aged 35-50 (and we have worked with climbers well into their golden years!).

All of our climbers in this age range – whether they started late in life or not – are perfectly capable of getting stronger and fitter, and we see this on a weekly basis.

Yes, of course!

We’ll work with you to find the healthy balance between structured and unstructured climbing that’s necessary to keep your training sustainable in the long-term; whether that’s structured climbing indoors in the week and unstructured climbing outdoors at the weekends, or squeezing training into your lunch break to complement your social climbing in the evening.


open quotation I couldn't be happier with the results. In 3 months of training with Lattice, I’ve improved 2 letter grades in my ability to flash gym routes. closed quotation

Travis Broadhurst

open quotation Of all the types of training I’ve invested time into, this was the one that resulted in the most gains. I highly recommend it. closed quotation

Miguel Calayan

open quotation I really can see the difference when climbing, everything just feels better and my technique has improved. I even sent my first 7C boulder, which was a big goal and this year has been my best overall. closed quotation


open quotation I’ve gone from feeling like a stiff robot on the wall to finding some flow again. closed quotation

Sara Al-Assam

open quotation Coach Josh has helped every step of the way… The feedback is great and Josh is always there to answer any questions. closed quotation

Michael M