Remote Assessment

This assessment is specially designed to require the simplest climbing equipment possible so it can be performed almost anywhere, from your local gym to your own garage. It’s completed at your own pace so that fits with your schedule. All you need is a 20mm edge, a pull up bar, some weights and a basic pulley setup.

We’ll provide you with our remote assessment protocols and detailed guidance on how to complete the testing. Once you have completed the testing you then send your data back to us. We will then analyse your data and provide you with an in depth, hand written feedback report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses relative to your ambitions.

Lattice Board Assessment

This is our premium assessment package. You’ll get to spend 2 hours with a Lattice Accredited coach who will put you through our carefully designed testing protocol. Your data will then be securely sent to Lattice so we can analyse your performance against our huge database of existing assessments. Your Lattice Accredited coach will then combine these objective performance measures with their personal assessment of your climbing to provide you with in depth, personalised feedback about your climbing performance.

See our partners page for available locations. Alternatively you can contact us and we will put you in touch with your nearest Lattice Accredited coach.

The power behind our assessments is the data we’ve collected from over a thousand of hours of assessments. Where others have to rely on intuition and gut feeling to provide you with feedback we have the depth of data to be able to use rigorous statistical techniques.