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The Quad Block is the latest in grip strength training, a portable pinch block for training and warming-up, designed for use at the gym or at home. It features 5 grip positions that have been designed and developed with industry leading coaches, physiotherapists, grip strength athletes, & sports scientists.

Increase your grip strength with our new Quad Block. Featuring 4 comfortable pinch sizes that have been specifically designed for reliable testing and training. The updated design now engages the key forearm and hand flexor muscles used when climbing. Develop a comprehensive and balanced grip system for improved performance on all holds.

Our Quad Pinch Block also features a 30mm pick up edge. Great for beginners or for rehab on injured fingers with a progressive load, whilst experienced climbers can use it as part of an effective no-hang finger flexor training set-up.
The new anodised aluminium finish provides consistent surface friction for accurate results that is even kinder to skin! Test your pinch and crimp strength using our free My Pinch assessment (instructions included) to find out whether you’re strong or weak for your climbing grade.

Check our blog if you want to learn more about the design.

Warning: Finger strength training can cause injury! Please warm up thoroughly before any training and avoid when fatigued or injured. Under 18’s, or anyone who is not competent or experienced in using this product must seek professional guidance before use.


  • Unlimited access to a free assessment and accompanying report to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Anodised aluminium finish.
  • Mechanical depth stops make it intuitive to consistently test and train.
  • Large radius edge is ergonomic and kind to the skin.
  • Positive grips have been used to reduce reliance on surface friction and standardise results.
  • Four key pinch grips for targeted training.

In the box: Quad Block, Accessory Cord (Assembled), Training Instructions

Not Included: Carabiner

Approximate Dimensions: Wide: 90mm | Deep: 60mm | Narrow: 28mm | Shallow: 30mm

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 11 cm
Commodity Code



Silver, Blue

5 reviews for Quad Block

  1. Jonas Foglszinger

    Very well made Training tool with various options.
    HOWEVER, there are some downsides you should be aware of.
    If these don’t matter to you, go for it.
    1. (Minor)The stabilazation of the device CAN be a little bit fiddly. For perfect comfort and stability you would probably need designated options to fix the rope.
    2. (Major) For me the de-burred but still relaitvely sharp edges always cut through the rope. After only 1 month of intense use for various experimentations in grip training, the original rope is 50% cut through. I had to round all the edges manually which took me about 2-3h with the tools I had availeable.
    I doo understand, that this is maybe a hard to fix problem for them, but it still was quite annoying.
    However, now that it’s done, I am very happy with the tool and use ir regularely.
    However the version made up from Wwood MIGHT have been the better option for me.

  2. Jim Hooper (verified owner)

    Wonderful training device – improvement has come quickly and I definitely notice it on the wall. I’m doing a simple routine of 10 x 10s near max holds after handboarding, with the “wide and deep” option, on the minute, alternating hands, and delighted with the results. The width and depth options are just great; I’m sure I’ll eventually use them all.

  3. Jussi Taka (verified owner)

    Really nice tool! Feels and looks really well made. Real eye-catcher. Only minus is the corners could be rounded/beweled; they’re not sharp so that you’ll cut yourself but I think it’d make the feeling of the product even nicer 🙂

  4. Andrew Stefanko (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this tool! Would like to see the edge beveled where the rope runs through to extend life in future iterations, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Would also love to see a straight vertical quad block option eventually!

  5. James Dickinson

    Really impressed with the quality and design. It is quite expensive but worth it because there’s so much to it, plus it comes with a training guide and all set up with hanging cord. Extremely comfortable to train with.

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