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Warm-up and train anywhere with our new travel-sized hangboard, the Mini Bar. Our most lightweight and portable fingerboard lets you take our edges on the go and is perfect for hold-specific warm-ups and training. The Mini bar comes with a high-quality precision design and focuses on 4 essential  grips; 10mm, 20mm and an ergonomic jug and mini pinch.

For use  with suspension systems or as an adjustable pull-up bar. Jug, drag, crimp, and pinch on the climbing industries best edges to get fired up for the send!

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Crafted from skin-friendly tulipwood, the Mini Bar features the same industry-standard 10mm and 20mm edges that you all know and love, which means our 20mm edge is now portable and lightweight! Flip it over and find an ergonomic jug (or mini pinch if you prefer) that is great for gradual warm-ups at the crag, at home and whilst travelling.

An intuitive adjustment system lets you quickly switch between the different edges and modify the angle. It can be paired with a resistance band or carabiner for lifts, or clipped to a fixed point for hangs!

The Mini Bar can be utilised with lifting pins, door frame bars, pulleys, suspension systems, trees, bolts, nuts, slings, resistance bands… okay, you get the picture, the list is almost endless. Whether you’re unable to find a fixed point for fingerboarding or you’re always struggling for a lightweight portable set-up, you’re going to love the Mini Bar. We’ve designed it to tick every “box” and pair it with as many of our recommended training or warm-up protocols as possible!


  • 10mm and 20mm edges
  • Ergonomic Jug and mini pinch
  • Intuitive adjustments – adjust angles and switch between edges easily
  • Lightweight and Portable – coming in around 150g* and measures 15.5 cm long.
  • Skin-friendly – We use our industry-standard tulipwood for its straight grain, fine texture and soft feel
  • High-quality rope –  All Mini Bars are shipped with 1.5m of high-quality cord
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm

4 reviews for Mini Bar

  1. Fin

    Not a massive fan of this. The position of the rope in the bar changes causing the edge to get worse so it needs constant readjusting. The wood near the rope holes has deformed quite badly, this also causes the angle of the edge to change with use. 10mm edge seems to fair better, probably because there is less weight on it. I would not recommend this, the yy vertical triangle or pentagon is better; has nicer edges which are much more consistent and you do not have to faff around with setting the rope (also get two of them).

    • Macy Edwards

      Hi Fin, thank you very much for the feedback – we always appreciate this as it always helps us to improve our products year on year. With regards to the rope positioning, this is something we’re aware of and advise the climber each time, to load the edge progressively, noting any slippage (it shouldn’t always occur) and if it does then adjust the angle after initial loading to account for this. In most cases, you should only need to do this once. One point to note on our product compared to many others on the market is that they have been tested to loads of 300kg+ and so you can be assured there is high degree of durability and robustness.

  2. Devin

    Best simple crag warm up hangboard I’ve used. I wanted something super lightweight for travel and that packed into a small space. I use the jug for warming up shoulders and back and also getting my forearms ready + edges for fingers later on. I think the biggest benefit for me is the weight + just the right sized edges that I want. Never have any issues with traveling with the board in my hand luggage.

  3. Pete (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 of these portable mini bars, as a reward for some students I work with.
    There was a slight issue with the order, but the team at Lattice were amazing and sorted everything out for me extremely quickly and efficiently.
    Awesome customer service and care for their customers

  4. Parker

    Ok, this thing is really neat! I originally bought one with the intention of only using it at the crag, but it’s actually quite nice to train on! I was a little unsure about the cord at first though. As it does take a little bit of time to switch between the edges. However, because it’s adjustable you can really dial in the angle of each grip to ensure your fingers/wrist are loaded in the proper position. Which makes it very comfortable and stable to train on, a HUGE plus in my opinion. All in all, I think it’s a great product. Oh yeah, it’s really light!

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