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Sport Climbing Training Plan

Starting from £105.00

  • 100% customised training plan
  • Focused on strength & endurance for sport climbing
  • Includes mini assessment
  • 100s of training sessions
  • Track your progress in the Lattice Training app
  • Personal video message from your coach

You must use and start this plan within 6 months of purchase.

Is this a gift?

Personalised training plans for sport & trad climbers delivered on our easy-to-use app.

How we deliver

Step 1:


You will receive an assessment to test your physical performance and uncover your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2:


Your coach will analyse your assessment results and reveal how you compare to other climbers at your grade. Not only have we trained thousands of athletes, we have the largest dataset of metrics on climbers in the world!

Step 3:


With this information, your coach will create a 100% custom plan, based on your unique strengths, weaknesses and goals! Every plan is written from scratch, and accounts for your available time, facilities, preferred sessions, and experience.

Step 4:


Our plans are designed to fit in around your life. With the easy-to-use scheduler in our app, you’ll be able to mix-and-match training sessions to accommodate your commitments each week.

Step 5:


You can follow, track and log your plan progress on our handy Lattice Training app; it even has a built-in timer!

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open quotation I achieved my goal of sending 7c! I never thought this would be possible so quickly! Excited to see what is next! closed quotation


Sport Climbing Training Plan
The Sport Climbing Training Plan requires one upfront payment.
  • 6 week plan£105
  • 12 week plan£150
  • 24 week plan£240
You must complete your initial assessment within 6 months after purchase. The assessment will be emailed to you after purchase.
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must have climbed V4/6B boulder or 6b+/5.10+ sport in the last 12 months
  • You must be able to hang your bodyweight on a 20mm rung for 10 seconds or more
  • You must not be injured
  • You must accept that the testing and completion of the training plan does carry a risk of injury
  • You must not be pregnant

Required (assessment only)

To complete your assessment, you will need the following equipment:
  • 20mm flat edge (e.g. Lattice Training Rung or Beastmaker 1000)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weighing scales
  • A means for adding weight: a weight belt or climbing harness, sling or Lifting Pin, a carabiner, and weights*.
  • A pulley system for removing weight: a climbing harness, a pulley device (e.g. Petzl Partner), a sling or Lifting Pin, 3 carabiners, 2m length of rope, and weights*.
  • A Flex Mat or measuring tape (and potentially an extra set of hands to use it)


For your training, we recommend the following equipment**:
  • Regular access to climbing facilities***
  • 20mm flat edge (e.g. Lattice Training Rung or Beastmaker 1000)
  • Pull-up bar
  • A means for adding weight: a weight belt or climbing harness, sling or Lifting Pin, a carabiner, and weights*.
  • Some free weights

Alternatively, you could try our Home Training Plan or Fingerboard Training Plan.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

  • *Typically, 10-60kg in 2.5kg increments, but this may be more or less.
  • **While the equipment listed is recommended, if you don’t have access to everything, this shouldn’t be a problem. All our plans are 100% customised to you, including the facilities and equipment you have access to.
  • ***This may be a climbing gym, home training board, or outdoor climbing.


You cannot choose your coach – we will assign your coach based on their availability for your chosen start date.

But don’t fear, we’re a really close knit team, that fully embraces the ‘hive mind’ mentality within our approach to coaching. We continually share ideas and approaches, and learn from each other’s specific areas of expertise.

Yes — You will receive feedback on your assessment. Your coach will explain which areas are a strength or weakness, and how they are addressing this in your plan.

However, if you would like a more detailed report, check out our full Remote Assessments.

A good time to start would be during a period where you’re not focusing on performance, for example, your off-season. It’s helpful to have at least a 6 week period where you can focus more on training and less on performing.

If autumn is your outdoor climbing season, then you may want to train over winter whilst it’s too cold. If spring-summer is your outdoor climbing season, autumn may be a good time to begin. Alternatively, you may want to dedicate a period of time to training before going on a trip, regardless of the time of year.

However, for many, you are able to climb outside year round and/or may not have distinct training and climbing seasons.

Whatever balance you wish to strike between training and climbing, your Lattice Coach will be able to create a plan specific to your needs.

No – Whilst Lattice Training Plans are 100% customised, they are fully remote self-coached plans once delivered. As you won’t receive ongoing coach support, we are unable to edit your plan after delivery.

However, if you spot an issue with your plan or something feels wrong, please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify it for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a plan with ongoing coach support and flexible plan edits, check out our Performance Coaching Plans.

No – Lattice Training Plans don’t include ongoing coach support, so we are unable to edit your plan after delivery.

However, if you spot an issue with your plan or something feels wrong, please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify it for you.

If you want support from a coach and the freedom to change your plan whenever you need, even last minute, check out our Performance Coaching Plans.

Once you have completed and submitted your mini assessment, we aim to get your plan to you within 2-3 weeks, however, this can be longer in busy periods.

Feel free to get in touch for more info.

No problem!

Our plans are 100% bespoke to you, so don’t worry too much about which plan you choose. Let us know in your pre-plan form about your preferred discipline(s), goals, and preferences, and our coaches will write a tailored plan for you!


We understand that everyone is different so we specialise in designing plans to fit in alongside your life, whatever your schedule or facilities.

Whether you travel for work, or have a busy family life, our expert coaches will write you a plan bespoke to your unique circumstances..

If you think you may need the freedom to change your plan after delivery, even last minute, you should have a look at our Performance Coaching Plan.

Or, if you’re not sure which plan is right for you, contact us and chat to our friendly team.

No – as long as your assessment was taken within the last 4 weeks, we can use the results from your Remote Assessment to write your Lattice Training Plan.

Email [email protected] to let us know you’ve done a Remote Assessment recently.

If you become injured, please stop all training and climbing immediately, and notify your coach. We are not physiotherapists, therefore, we are unable to advise on injury rehabilitation. You should seek advice from a climbing-specific physio – your coach may be able to recommend a physio in your local area.

At the end of your 12- or 24-week training block, you can purchase another Lattice Training Plan. This will include another assessment so you can benchmark your progress.

Alternatively, you may want to upgrade to one of our Performance Coaching Plan.


open quotation Prior to completing my 12-week Sport Climbing Training Plan, I had sent one 7a. I have just finished a climbing trip in Kalymnos where I onsighted 10 7a’s, 4 7a+’s and sent my first 7b on my 4th attempt. I can’t wait to start my next phase of training! closed quotation


open quotation I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who’s looking at sport-specific training, but especially to those who, like me, find themselves on a performance plateau. It’s hard work, but the results justify it! closed quotation

Will Gilbert

open quotation I am very satisfied with the results and learning to train hard for a project! Thanks Lattice! closed quotation


open quotation Overall a great experience. Completing the plan got me hooked on structured training, as a lot of the exercises were surprisingly fun and there was enough variation to keep things from getting stale. closed quotation

Marius Hamacher

open quotation The Lattice Team gave me everything I needed to move forward. The first step was realising that I had to address my weaknesses to become a better climber. Now I’m improving and breaking out beyond the plateau I’ve been riding for several years! closed quotation

Ben Firth