In the Lattice Podcast, we interview different climbers, coaches and specialists in their field about topics from data and research, to the mental game of climbing. We also have a Q&A series called Ask Lattice featured on YouTube and now as a podcast in which we answer your questions about climbing training.


Episode One: Tom Randall and Remus Knowles from Lattice Training sit down for a chat about data in climbing. How do you measure performance? What makes a good metric? Where does it all go?
Episode Two: Tom Randall sits down with Jerry Moffatt to talk about the early years, anti goals, training back in the day, motivation and the mental game of climbing.
Listen to Episode Two here.
Episode Three: Tom Randall sits down with Alex Barrows to discuss his knee bar prowess, structured training for climbing and dieting.
Listen to Episode Three here.

Ask Lattice


Episode One: In this week’s episode, Tom Randall and Ollie Torr answer your questions about recovery methods, peak performance, and even dinosaurs.


Episode Two: In this episode of Ask Lattice, we’re joined by special guest and Norwegian climbing superstar Magnus Mitdbø. He talks to Lattice Training founder, Tom Randall, about working with Jujimufu and they even tackle the tricky subject of one finger pull ups.

Episode Three: We’re back with Magnus for Episode Three of Ask Lattice, as he talks with Tom about training, power and weird dreams.

Listen to Episode Three here.