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Highlight: Flexibility Training for Climbers

In today’s Lattice Podcast Highlight, hosts Maddy Cope and Tom Randall discuss Lattice’s brand-new online flexibility training course. This course emphasises the importance of education and knowledge-sharing in climbing training, focusing on three main goals:

➡️ Educating climbers on methods beyond passive static stretching

➡️ Integrating flexibility training into overall training programs

➡️ Helping climbers select exercises based on their flexibility level.

The course provides step-by-step guides and assessments, to transform your approach to flexibility training and promote a sustainable, informed method.

Highlights include:

➡️ Training Frequency

➡️ Menstrual Cycle Considerations

➡️ Structured Approach

➡️ Evolving Training Culture

➡️ Active vs. Passive Stretching

➡️ Importance of Education

📍 This episode is a highlight from a more in-depth conversation coming next week, covering additional insights on flexibility training, energy systems, and optimising performance for climbers.⁣

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