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Setting New Goals with Stephen Keir

Competition climber, Stephen Keir, writes about the efforts and sacrifices that went into achieving both academic and climbing goals; what he learned from this process and how he plans to move forward.

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Josh’s Top 5 Lessons Learned About Training

Coach and Research Associate, Josh Hadley, tells us his top 5 lessons learned about training; focusing on improve your training efficiency, but also advocating some essential life rules like the importance of rest, recovery and discipline.

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Interview: Jen Wood, Lattice Coach

We introduce you to our new coach, Jen Wood, who’s background as a competition climber gives our coaching team a new skillset. Jen tells us about her training history, and what she’s hoping to learn from working with Lattice.

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Ella’s Top 5 Lessons Learned About Training

Coach Ella Russell tells us her top five lessons learned about training, with 17 years climbing experience and many years also working in high pressure environments as a lawyer. Ella’s lessons are focused around efficiency in training and looking after yourself.

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