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A Climbers Yoga Mat

Having good flexibility and mobility can help climbers to improve movement efficiency. Allowing us to get our body closer to the wall, enabling us to…

By Lattice Training

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How do I strengthen my wrists for climbing?

Do you hate slopers? Then you might have weak wrists! If you feel like you wrists are holding you back, here’s some exercises you can…

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Why is the Lattice Triple Rung the best hangboard?

The Lattice Triple Rung isn’t like other hangboards: its comfort is unparalleled. But more importantly, it is the best hangboard on the market for accurate…

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How to Retie Your Quad Block

Learn how to retie your QUAD BLOCK! Not a lot of people realise that the knot we do is very specific and in a particular…

By Leo de Frettes

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Lattice Training – Retailers

If you are looking for an alternative Lattice Training retailer to shop our specialist training tools, then look no further. We’ve put together a list…

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The Quad Block – Revolutionise Your Grip Strength Training

The Quad Block is Lattice Training’s latest grip strength training tool. We’ve taken our best selling original Crimp and Pinch Block and made it better!…

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Lattice Training – Climbers Gift Guide 2021

We know that hunting down and choosing the right gift for your loved one at Christmas can be hard – even harder when all they…

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The Lattice Mini-Bar and Its developer.

Today we are interviewing the brains behind all of Lattices latest new product releases.. meet Harley Widdowson – a total gear enthusiast, innovator and our…

By Harley Widdowson

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Lattice Pinch Block: Warm Ups & Rehab Exercises From Physio Cris Costa.

Addressing the severity of your injury, taking time out to recover, mobilising the injury to increase blood flow, but most importantly allowing healing and recovery….

By Cristiano Costa

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