About Us

About us

Lattice Training is the world’s first systematic assessment and training tool for climbing.

We offer Climbing Assessments to measure a climber’s strengths and weaknesses through data-led profiling tools; Climbing Training Plans to address those weaknesses; and a range of training tools to help get you strong!

Our services

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We offer a variety of data-led climbing assessments to fit your available time and facilities. Our assessments measure: finger strength; aerobic and anaerobic performance; general strength and conditioning in climbing specific muscle groups (including flexibility and mobility); movement patterns, pacing and efficiency.

Find out more about our assessment options by clicking the link below.

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Climbing Training Plans

Our Lite and Premium climbing training plans are fully customised and designed by our world-class coaching team. Our Premium Plans include ongoing support throughout the length of the plan, while Lite Plans can be carried out independently. Our plans are: personalised to suit your lifestyle and schedule; customised to work with the facilities you have to hand; and programmed around your own personal strengths, weaknesses and future goals.

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Climbing Training Tools

Alongside our assessments and plans, Lattice have developed many of the best tools to facilitate your training and climbing. The Lattice rung is designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The Lattice Board is a dedicated performance analysis tool, supported by a database of results and a robust analysis package. Our Crimpd App follows workouts designed by the coaches at Lattice and is free of charge.

Lattice Training Clients

We pride ourselves on working with a very wide range of climbers. Whether you’re a weekend warrior aiming for your first 5.12, a dedicated boulderer going for V8, or even a sponsored heroine or hero, we’re here to help!

"I just want to say once more how happy I am with the the training and the support from you guys. The beginning of this season has just been crazy good... sending my long term project NBK 7c+ and yesterday I sent my first 8a! I guess the magic spell is, consistent hard work and to trust the process! Cheers from a very happy client!
Nanna Brandt
Premium Plan Client

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