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Frances Bensley


Photo Credit: Orrin Coley

Frances Bensley, equipped with a BSc in Zoology and an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation, seamlessly merges academic prowess with a passion for climbing. Over 25 years, she has immersed herself in the climbing world, transitioning from an instructor and coach to a versatile freelance route setter. 

Her personal climbing journey is adorned with notable achievements, including conquering challenging boulder problems like ‘Fat Lip’ (8B/V13) at Raven Tor and ‘Jack’s Broken Heart’ (8A+/V12) in Magic Wood, as well as tackling demanding sport routes like ‘Kale Borroka’ (8b+/5.14a) in Suirana and ‘Mecca’ (8b+/5.14a) at Raven Tor. Whilst trad climbing is not her primary focus, she has flashed ‘John Wayne’ (E5) in Pembroke, demonstrating her versatility across climbing disciplines. 

As a coach, Frances is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where climbers of all levels can unlock their potential, employing a holistic approach encompassing technical instruction, physical conditioning, mental training, and injury prevention. Thrilled to join Lattice Training, Frances is drawn to their commitment to excellence and innovation in climbing training and coaching. With her wealth of experience and genuine passion, she eagerly anticipates contributing to climbers’ advancement and achievement of their climbing aspirations.