Deep Dive Courses

On-demand courses with exclusive coach Q&A

What Deep Dive Courses Are Available?


  • In-depth look at flexibility for climbing
  • Understand and integrate range of movement and strength work
  • Learn to write your own flexibility training plan
  • Coach Q&A
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Finger Strength

  • Learn diverse protocols for finger strength training
  • Covers hangboarding, pick-ups, wrist training and campus
  • Understand finger injuries and how to avoid them
  • Coach Q&A
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Plan Writing

  • Periodise your training to avoid plateaus
  • Understand progressive overload in training
  • Troubleshoot your current training plan
  • Coach Q&A
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What is a Lattice Training Deep Dive Course?

Our Deep Dive courses offer an in-depth look at a specific climbing training topic. The courses run for 4 weeks and include a weekly video Q&A with one of our expert coaches so you can ask all your burning questions on the week’s subject.

With more than 4 hours of video content available on-demand and lifetime access, you can become an expert in your area of interest; whether you need to fill in a gap in your knowledge or troubleshoot a specific training challenge, our Deep Dive courses are comprehensive, detailed, and thorough. A great way to master an area of training!

Our coaches are experts in their field, each with hundreds of past clients and years of experience. No question is too simple, complex, or specific – the coach Q&A is your chance to clarify your understanding and pick the brains of an expert.

Our Deep Dive courses have limited spaces and booking is only open for a specified period of time. Register your interest to be the first to find out when booking opens or a new Deep Dive course is announced.

If you’re looking for a course to begin today, have a look at our flagship course, ‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’, and our Micro Learning courses which are available on-demand, all year round.

  • In-depth and detailed
  • Explores specific topic
  • Coach Q&As
  • Lifetime access
  • Exercise Library
  • Sign-up required

Looking for a course that covers a wider range of topics?

Our flagship course, ‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’, is your complete training handbook, with 8+ hours of content and over 100+ lessons.

open quotation I just wanted to say how brilliant it is! Not just the content, clear layout and sequencing – but also the delivery. You are all so clear, authoritative and easy to understand – it really is a masterpiece. closed quotation

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World-class coaches make world-class courses...

Here at Lattice, our coaches have a combined 150 years of coaching experience; we have tried-and-tested training methods that we’re psyched to share with you in our courses.

Whether you’re starting your training journey, or looking to level up your understanding of training for climbing, our online education courses will give you all the tools you need to reach your goals!

Not sure which course is right for? Let’s compare...

Flagship Course Deep Dive Courses Micro Learning
Topics covered Broad range of topics Specific topics Specific topics
Duration 8+ hours ~4 hours ~1-2 hours
Number of lessons 100+ lessons 50+ lessons 25+ lessons
Lifetime access
Available all year round
Sign-up required
Video coach Q&A
Price £145.00 £99.00 £35.00



Any climber who wishes to learn about the process of training for climbing. We have developed a range of courses suitable to those who are new to learning about training or have already put time into the subject but are still looking to develop their skills, all the way through to specific areas of training climbers want to learn about more indepth.

While there is no strict prerequisite, we recommend that participants have at least 6 months of climbing experience to maximise the benefits of this course. This course caters to a wide spectrum of climbing and training proficiency levels, offering valuable insights and a structured approach to help you determine what suits your specific needs.

No prior knowledge is required to enrol our courses. The content is designed to accommodate both beginners who are new to the various training concepts and those who have prior experience but wish to deepen their understanding. Our courses place a strong emphasis on practical application, making them suitable for individuals seeking real-life scenarios to enhance their training knowledge.

Our courses have been created for climbers over the age of 18. If you are under 18 and interested in any of our courses, we strongly recommend that you work in-person with a coach – under no circumstances should you watch any course and apply any of the training protocols without advice and supervision from your own coach.

If you would like to purchase the course with multiple logins for your gym coaching team, please contact us.

We offer three different formats of courses:

  • Our flagship course, ‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’, is your complete training handbook, covering a wide range of topics, and is a great place to start your training journey.
  • Our deep dive courses cover specific topics and include an exclusive coach Q&A.
  • Our micro courses cover a specific topic in a quick-and-easy bitesize chunk.

Our courses are made up of a series of lessons, which build chapters. Alongside the lessons, there are tasks so that you can put into practice what you are learning. There are also examples along the way.

This course is delivered through our Education platform. The platform has a mobile app via Kajabi, so learning on-the-go is easy. Alongside the content, you will receive example exercises that you can use in your training.

Once enrolled, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course.

If you change your mind after purchase, we will offer a full refund within 14 days from the day we email you to confirm your order, if you have not accessed or viewed any of the course materials.

You can request to cancel by submitting the following Cancellation Form

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See our Cancellation Policy

You will have received a confirmation email from Lattice Training with instructions on how to access the course, in addition, you will have received an email from Lattice Training Education to set a password to log into the course platform.

These instructions are also available within your ‘Account’ under ‘Memberships’.

If you want to access the course via the mobile app ‘Kajabi’ you will need to go through the email from Lattice Training Education to set your password and activate your account – once you have done this your email address will enable you to log into the app.

If you are experiencing any issues please contact us.

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