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Erin McNeice Secures Her Place at Paris 2024 Olympics

Lattice Training athlete Erin McNeice has officially qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, marking a significant milestone in her climbing career. Erin’s qualification was…

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open quotation Super satisfying to come back after a year like this and actually manage to climb [my first 9a]. A big thanks to Lattice Training for helping me with a training plan for the year - I don't think I could have stayed motivated and on track without them. closed quotation

Alex Honnold

Lattice Client

open quotation Achieving new levels of performance can be hard after 35 years of climbing. Having a unique program built by the most knowledgeable coaches helped me to prioritize the important stuff, avoid injury, and build a belief that I could be stronger. This ultimately led to some great progression in my climbing. closed quotation

Tommy Caldwell

Lattice Client

open quotation It's great to have such a detailed and specific plan to follow to achieve my goals. I've been able to climb almost injury free for the last 2 years and navigated the dreaded tendonitis twice, which in the past, had put me out of hard climbing for years. closed quotation

Craig Lam

Lattice Client

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My Lift is a free assessment to test your finger strength. Please click ‘submit data’ to proceed to the initial form with testing instructions and complete the testing. We are currently gathering data to develop the model so it will take a bit of time for us to be able to compare your data to so you can find out how your finger strength compares to other similar climbers.


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My Pinch

My Pinch is a free assessment to test your finger strength in the pinch grip position. We’ll send you a quick form with testing instructions, you complete the testing and then we’ll compare your data to our models so you can find out how your pinch strength compares to other similar climbers.


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Remote Climbing Assessment

A Remote Climbing Assessment, chosen and adapted to your individual level. You do the testing then our highly trained climbing coaches will analyse your results using our specially developed statistical models so that you can pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness in your climbing.

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