Ultimate Course + Assessment Bundle

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Our Ultimate Course + Assessment Bundle includes our brand-new course, ‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’, and our Remote Climbing Assessment: the perfect combo for starting the next stage of your climbing journey, whether you’re new to training, or an experienced climber looking to level up your performance.

‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’ is our full-length online educational course and YOUR ultimate training handbook: the one-stop go-to source for everything you need to know about training for climbing.

Our Remote Climbing Assessment is a complete climbing analysis: perform a series of tests and discover how you compare to other climbers and what areas of your training need focus.

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Flagship Course: A Climber's Guide to Training

‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’ not only covers the science of training and the theory behind it but also the range of elements to incorporate into your training and example exercises which we recommend to support you with developing your own training plan.

It’s a comprehensive training manual, meticulously crafted for climbers who are looking to push their limits. This course is aimed at climbers of all skill levels who might be new to training or experienced climbers looking to enhance their performance!

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Remote Climbing Assessment

A Remote Climbing Assessment, chosen and adapted to your individual level. You do the testing then we will analyse your results using our specially developed statistical models so that you can pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness in your climbing.

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A Climber’s Guide to Training:

✔️ Your complete training handbook

✔️ Learn to write your own training plan

✔️ In-depth look at the science of training

✔️ 100+ lessons, 8+ hours of content

✔️ 10+ tasks to develop and apply your skills

Remote Climbing Assessment:

✔️ Complete climbing analysis

✔️ Compare your performance to other climbers at your grade and goal grade

✔️ Discover your areas of strength and weakness

✔️ Re-test to track your progress

✔️ The perfect companion to ‘A Climber’s Guide to Training’



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