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Performance Coaching Plan

£80.00 / month and a £50.00 sign-up fee

  • Personal coach
  • Customised and continually adaptable training plan
  • Detailed daily sessions
  • Initial discovery month used as assessment
  • Initial video consultation with your coach
  • Free access to Lattice 365
  • Delivered through bespoke Lattice software
  • Minimum 6-month term

Personal 1:1 coaching and mentoring for those who want a fully bespoke training service with adaptive plans, coach communication and ongoing athlete monitoring.

Not sure if this is the plan for you? Performance Coaching Plans >

How we deliver

Your training journey with Lattice starts with a “discovery month” where we will lead you through your assessment, aim to identify your strengths and weaknesses and you will develop a relationship with your coach. Following this 4 week block we will be able to build out your totally bespoke training plan.

Your plan will be delivered through our “My Lattice Training” software and includes all your sessions, training diary, performance tracking and training feedback.

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Building healthier athletes and better climbers

More importantly than being stronger, I feel healthier. Fall is ending and I’ve had one of the most productive seasons of my life.

- Jesse
Outdoor Bouldering

A human side to data driven performance

It is hard to say which aspect from the plan I value the most – the training plan is tailored to my personal needs, but the personal contact with my coach is also amazing. Having a coach like Maddy has made me a better climber in every possible way.

- Naomi
Ollie and tom on laptop analysing climbing data

We know what works when it comes to breaking performance barriers at all levels of experience

The first project of my list for this season has already gone down (an 8c, which I couldn’t do in the past although I was trying it extensively). I can recommend the Lattice to any ambitious climber no matter if weekend warrior or pro. It’s a great investment.

- Jakob
One am fingerboard training

While my climbing and strength have clearly improved I think a lot of the benefits of Lattice are non-tangibles. I have never felt healthier. I have never felt stronger. I feel like I better understand how my body works. I feel like I have a better grasp on fear. I feel like I actually know how to approach projecting. Lastly, my view towards myself changed. I stopped looking at myself as unworthy to be thinking about climbing hard (for me) grades, and started being able to see myself as an athlete working towards goals.

- Hank
Outdoor sport climbing

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Plan Delivery

After signing up a member of the team will be in touch to confirm your start date and who your coach will be. You will then be asked to complete a pre – plan form where you can tell us about your goals, training and climbing history, facilities, schedule, and any other information you feel it would be valuable for your coach to know. Then, the first month of your plan which is a “Discovery Month” will be sent out to you, and you will have the opportunity to arrange a video consultation with your coach.

This “Discovery Month” is time to start developing a relationship with your coach, and will act as an introduction to the My Lattice Training software, the training sessions we use and will also physically prepare you for testing ahead. This full assessment will be followed by an analysis report to break down your strengths and weaknesses and identify where we should be prioritising future training. Following this “Discovery Month”, the remaining 8 weeks of your initial 3 month block will be sent out to you. During these 8 weeks we will aim to ramp training up to a workload that is optimal for you, based on the communication you have with your coach.

Your coach will help you manage the bigger picture of your entire season, but also how to micro-manage weekly activities. They are there to guide you through your program and any changes that need to be made along the training journey. Throughout, you’ll be assisted in understanding how well you’re getting on, whether you’re training enough or too much, and offer insight into projecting processes. The continual access to athlete monitoring protocols, will also be there to aid the subjective feedback that you offer to your coach.

Your plan starts on the next Monday that we have coach availability, or you can choose to delay your start date and organise a time that suits you via email.


Sign up with one off payment for your discovery video consultation and assessment, and a one-month deposit (£80); subsequent payments are then put on hold until the first day of your plan (which is the start of your discovery month).

We work with all Performance Plan clients for a minimum term of 6 months – we’ve summarised below what you can expect to receive during your first 6 months with us!

1. Upfront Payment
When Taken On purchase of subscription
Amount £80* (Deposit)
 * (Assessment + Consultation)
What you will receive The Deposit reserves your space and is refundable when you cease training with us after the minimum 6 month term if you give us at least 6 weeks’ notice in line with our cancellation policy.

The second element of your upfront payment covers a consultation and assessment which you will complete during your first 4 weeks of training with us

2. Subscription Payments
When Taken First Monday of plan and monthly thereafter (6 minimum payments)
Amount £80* per month
What you will receive Your first 4 weeks of training will be a Discovery Phase, during which you will perform an assessment to help inform your future training with us. You will also have the opportunity to attend a 30 minute video consultation with your coach in week 1 of the Discovery Phase – please note that if you miss your appointment we will not be able to rearrange it (you will be sent a recorded video by your coach in this eventuality)

After the Discovery Phase you will receive a further 8 week training plan followed by a 12 week training plan to take you up to the end of your minimum 6 month term. Your subscription will then renew automatically for a further 3 month term unless you give us 6 weeks’ notice of cancellation.
For further information please see our terms of service and cancellation policy.

Please note that bank transaction fees may apply in addition to the prices stated on our website if you pay in a currency not currently supported by us.

Consultation and Assessment

The “Discovery Month” of your plan (which is the first month of training) will be used to introduce you to your coach via an introductory video consultation and from that point you can begin to build your relationship with your coach. This month will also act as an introduction to the sessions and My Lattice Training system, whilst physically preparing you for the assessment that you will be completing. With this in mind, the loading in your “Discovery Month” will feel manageable, in order for your body to feel in optimal shape for the testing sessions. This full assessment will be followed by an analysis report to break down your strengths and weaknesses and identify where we should be prioritising future training. Our expert coaches will use their knowledge, and our data models, to provide extensive feedback.



  • Fingerboard
  • Weights
  • Access to a climbing gym.

If you do not have access to a climbing wall you can try our Home Training Plan or Fingerboard Training Plan.


  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must have been climbing at a level of V5/7a+/5.12a for the last 2 years
  • You must be able to hang my bodyweight on a 20mm rung for 10 seconds or more
  • You must not be injured
  • You must be willing to carry out a minimum of 6 months of training
  • You must accept that the testing and completion of the training plan does carry a risk of injury

Get in touch if you have any queries.


You can not pick your coach, but given we are such a close knit team you can be assured that ideas and approaches are shared, and we all learn from each other’s areas of expertise.

If an ASAP starting date is available, you will be able to start within the next 4 weeks. If ASAP starting dates are not available, then the starting date can be arranged over email, and will most likely be within the next 4- 8 weeks.

The best time to start would be heading into a period of time where you are happy to dedicate a good proportion of time and energy to training. For many, this might be Autumn in order to establish a solid training base for the following Spring and Summer when climbing conditions are good again. That said, not everyone’s climbing and training seasons are so distinct, and due to the bespoke and highly adaptive nature of the Performance Coaching Plans, we would be able to start working together in some capacity no matter the time of your climbing year. For example, if you wished to start mid climbing season, we would be happy to provide training which supplemented and increased the quality of your time on the rock.

We work with many climbers that lead a busy and unpredictable work life. Your coach will be happy to continually make adaptations to your training plan to ensure that your training load is both appropriate loading wise for your busy schedule, and fits around it too. Using the week planner function on My Lattice Training your coach will also be able to help you organise your week, so that you can both see exactly what you are doing.

During your initial Discovery Month, you will have the opportunity to complete a video call with your coach. After which, communication will be over email.


I’ve been working with Jon Procter for months and I couldn’t have better things to say. After flailing on an 8a+ project for months, he advised taking the summer off and focusing on buckling down on training. Come the Spring climbing season, I sent the problem in three short sessions. And when I did it, it felt easy.

Jon was always quick to answer questions, whether about weekly training structure, projecting strategy, connecting me w/ nutritionists in the 365 community, or how to deal with anxiety. I always felt supported and the result is that I feel like an all-around better athlete. Looking forward to getting even stronger!

Austin Sarles