Performance Coaching Plan

£80.00 / month and a £50.00 sign-up fee

Sign up for your Performance Plan today to get booked in for a 1:1 consultation with your personal coach and get off to a flying start with your “discovery phase” of initial training!

The first month of your plan will be a “discovery phase”, which introduces you to the training sessions we use, including a 1:1 Zoom with your coach and will be followed by a full assessment and analysis report to break down your strengths and weaknesses. Your coach will use the “discovery phase” to create your next 12 weeks of “fully loaded” training so that your body is adequately conditioned and you’re in total control of how we will be working with you.

Your plan starts on the next Monday that we have coach availability, or you can choose to delay your start date and organise a time that suits you via email. Just select the option that is best for you in the form below!

There is currently a two week waiting list.



How it works

  1. Sign up with one off payment for your discovery zoom and assessment, and a one-month deposit (£80); subsequent payments are then put on hold until the first day of your plan (which is the start of your discovery month).
  2. You will be asked to complete a form where you can tell us about your goals and facilities.
  3. A member of the team will be in touch to confirm your start date and who your coach will be so you can book your Zoom call.
  4. Start your training plan!

Your coach will help you manage the bigger picture of your entire season, but also how to micro-manage weekly activities. They are there to guide you through your program and any changes that need to be made along the training journey. Throughout, you’ll be assisted in understanding how well you’re getting on, whether you’re training enough or too much, and offer insight into projecting processes.

Please note that you must be over 18 and have been climbing at a level of  5.12a / V5  for the last 2 years to carry out a Performance Plan. You should also be able to hang at bodyweight from a 20mm edge for at least 10 seconds. Get in touch if you have any queries.

Payment information

We work with all Performance Plan clients for a minimum term of 6 months – we’ve summarised below what you can expect to receive during your first 6 months with us!

1. Upfront Payment
When Taken On purchase of subscription
Amount £80* (Deposit)
 * (Assessment)
What you will receive The Deposit reserves your space and is refundable when you cease training with us after the minimum 6 month term if you give us at least 6 weeks’ notice in line with our cancellation policy.

The second element of your upfront payment covers an assessment which you will undertake during your first 4 weeks of training with us.

2. Subscription Payments
When Taken First Monday of plan and monthly thereafter (6 minimum payments)
Amount £80* per month
What you will receive Your first 4 weeks of training will be a Discovery Phase, during which you will perform an assessment to help inform your future training with us. You will also have the opportunity to attend a 30 minute Zoom consultation with your coach in week 1 of the Discovery Phase – please note that if you miss your appointment we will not be able to rearrange it (you will be sent a recorded video by your coach in this eventuality)

After the Discovery Phase you will receive a further 8 week training plan followed by a 12 week training plan to take you up to the end of your minimum 6 month term. Your subscription will then renew automatically for a further 3 month term unless you give us 6 weeks’ notice of cancellation.
For further information please see our terms of service and cancellation policy.

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23 reviews for Performance Coaching Plan

  1. Austin Sarles

    I’ve been working with Jon Procter for months and I couldn’t have better things to say. After flailing on an 8a+ project for months, he advised taking the summer off and focusing on buckling down on training. Come the Spring climbing season, I sent the problem in three short sessions. And when I did it, it felt easy.

    Jon was always quick to answer questions, whether about weekly training structure, projecting strategy, connecting me w/ nutritionists in the 365 community, or how to deal with anxiety. I always felt supported and the result is that I feel like an all-around better athlete. Looking forward to getting even stronger!

  2. Kris

    I have been working with Coach Maddy for a year and it has a been so much fun and I have learned a lot. Trying to navigate through all of the information about training for climbing by myself was challenging, and I was always second guessing what I was doing. Maddy has both helped me understand what my weak areas are, and how to work to improve them. I have seen improvements in strength and flexibility, both areas makes me feel stronger on the wall, which make me move more efficient. The plan is consistent but at the same time there are variations in sessions that keeps it fun. It has been so useful to have Maddy there to answer any sort of questions, and making adjustments to the plan or sessions when needed.
    Thanks Maddy!

  3. Sebastian

    I’ve been working with Lattice (coach Jon) for a little more than four months now and much enjoyed the process and the asscociated gains. I really appreciate not worrying anymore about whether I am training too much, too little or the wrong way altogether while juggling a busy schedule. With the help of Jon I’ve broken through my plateau, reached my short term goal for this autumn and all that without the niggles which used to develop before with regular training. I am looking forward to continue the work with Jon. Thanks!

  4. Patrick Tkalcic

    I have been working with Coach Oli Grounsell for just under a year now and I am thrilled. With Oli’s support and super-tuned training plans, I have made a huge leap in my climbing. I feel stronger than ever and I am. I can absolutely recommend the training plans, especially the assessments show the weaknesses and where you should start with the training. Thanks to Oli and the whole Lattice team!

  5. Wolf Porter

    I’ve been working with Coach Maddy for over a year and have constantly been impressed with both the flexibility and results of our time working together. My initial goal in working with Maddy was to increase my onsite goal and overall robustness in my climbing. I went from being able to onsite around 5.11 and squeaking out a couple 5.12- a season, to on-sighting 5.12b.
    As my goals start to shift I have utter confidence that she will be able to work with me to achieve those goals.
    The biggest draw to lattice and their individual coaching plans is that they are backed by a lot of research and a large pool of athletes. I never doubt the process because they track the results and constantly tweak the plans to fit how your body reacts to the stimulus. They also adjust to any other constraints that you have like injuries or trips.
    Overall incredibly happy with Maddy and Lattice!

  6. Max

    I have been working with Coach Maddy for over a year now. I started during lock down hoping to be able to train hard while the gyms were closed and like most people just wanting to be able to climb harder grades. I ended up getting a lot more then I ever imagined. I learned a lot about myself, how to train, how to eat and just overall how to enjoy climbing more. During an outdoor session, I ended up with a pretty bad injury shattering my heel off a fall from a highball. I had to have surgery where a metal plate and 13 screws were put in place to hold my foot together. I wasn’t able to walk for several months. Coach Maddy worked around my physical therapy schedule and made sure I balanced between recovery from my injury and still training using a lot of modified training since I wasn’t able to stand or walk. 9 months later, still not walking like I use too, but climbing at the levels I was before lockdown. More importantly I’m not as concerned about the grades anymore, as Coach Maddy has helped me find my love for being on rock and climbing again and enjoying the process. I know for sure I wouldn’t be back to where I was without the support of my coach and the Lattice team and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It’s definitely been a life changing experience.

  7. Jakob

    I have been working with coach Cam for the past 8 months, and I am very satisfied how things are playing out. I would consider myself an advanced climber with quite a bit of experience having redpointed routes up to 8c and boulders up to Fb8A. Nevertheless, I learned a lot of new things since I started to work with Lattice. I feel that I understand my body better and also I have improved my understanding of my weak areas and how to improve these. Moreover, Cam is very responsive and happy to help even with tactics and advice for outdoor projects. The first project of my list for this season has already gone down (an 8c, which I couldn’t do in the past although I was trying it extensively). I am excited what the upcoming season will bring and I can recommend the Lattice Premium plan to any ambitious climber no matter if weekend warrior or pro. It’s a great investment.

  8. Adam Fiala

    I’ve been working with coach Raf for past 9 months. It was great experince with great results – I pushed myself a lot but unlike my past attempts in training I didn’t overtrain. My fitness and stregth improved as well as my general health. Lot of my my old niggles like back pain is gone which simply amazing. I can also tolerate more climbing and training which allows me to enjoy precious time at the crag even more and gives me confidence. These past months taught me how to improve in a sustainable way and made me believe that overcoming performance plateaus after lot of years of climbing is actually possible!

  9. Stephen Keir

    I have been working with lattice for the past 3 years now and it has not disappointed at all. The structure and content the training has offered has helped me work towards my goals and achieve the things I want to achieve. The support from the coaches is second to none and always super responsive to any queries or assistance I need and there is a real sense of working together rather than just getting handed a generic training programme and being left to your own devices, the programmes are tailored for the goals you have and that is why they are so effective! One thing i have also found is that lattice is always developing and seeking to find new ways to support their clients and really do have the interest of the client at heart. I couldn’t recommend more!

  10. Roberto

    I’m working with Lattice for a year, more or less. I cannot express how great it is. The coach is very supportive and reactive to my fast-changing agenda and supports me daily in arranging my plan accordingly to my job schedule. Coach Maddy is always with me for any advice or tips.
    I tried several remote coaching as I believe training by yourself is not the best choice, no matter your experience, but I can say Lattice is prime!

  11. Zo Northcutt

    The premium plan is where it’s at! I cannot recommend this enough. I have trained with Lattice for one year now, and feel so much more confident both mentally and physically. I have a deeper understanding of how my body works, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to work towards my goals. Maddy is an awesome coach, working with her has been such a gift! She has provided me guidance and support with great expertise. The way she tailors my plan to my specific body’s needs and goals is exceptional. Her work on how hormones play a roll in training and performance really helped me specifically. Having a coach to directly work with you is honestly just such a great tool, really cannot express how wonderful it is.

  12. Hank Stein

    This plan is a game changer. After 9 months on the plan – the amount that I have improved and learned is crazy. If you are like me and climbing is your biggest hobby, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. This plan is better than a gym membership for improving your climbing (most of my growth came while gyms were shut down and all I had to train with was a hangboard).
    It was only after working with Maddy did I truly understand how little I actually knew about how to approach climbing training.

    My improvement by the numbers:
    Increased my sport onsight level from 5.10 to 5.12B
    Climbed 5 V7s in a session (before the plan I had only done 1 after projecting it)
    I actually tried a 5.13 (something I never thought I’d do)

    While my climbing and strength have clearly improved I think a lot of the benefits of Lattice are non-tangibles.
    I have never felt healthier.
    I have never felt stronger.
    I feel like I better understand how my body works.
    I feel like I have a better grasp on fear
    I feel like I actually know how to approach projecting

    Lastly, my view towards myself changed. I stopped looking at myself as unworthy to be thinking about climbing hard (for me) grades, and started being able to see myself as an athlete working towards goals.

    The plan has been great – outside of getting structured workouts with very sensical progressions – I have been able to ask any sort of question ranging from how to deal with being scared while climbing above small gear, to figuring out how to clip awkward quickdraws, to reasonings for decreasing edge size vs. increasing weight.

  13. Michael Herrmann

    Climbing is a sport like any other on this planet. And in any sport when you want to excel in it, you need to train. Train for your goals, be it competition results or ever lifetime PB’s.
    You need to set goals yourself you want to strive for. But when it comes to the road how to get there you need support. Every successful athlete has got a coach and a training plan with her/him. So with climbing, Lattice is by far the most serious, reliable, competent and hard working team out there right now to deliver exactly this sort of support for ambitious climbers!
    From the beginning of my training with Lattice in January 2019, I was always trusting my coach that the training I was provided with, will lead to my goals I set myself.
    In late autumn 2019, I fully committed to become a rock climber with everything you need to invest for it. Climbing has become a passion for me.
    Lattice has not aroused this passion. But Lattice has given me a framework in which I could unfold this passion! I built up confidence in their idea how to approach (physical) training for climbing. Perserverance, tenacity but also fun and pure joy accompanied me ever since!
    At the beginning (climbing around 7a+’ish), in three years time I wanted to climb the grade 8a. This year I went through the roof climbing multiple 7b+ and 7c, almost sending one 7c+ and projecting successfuly a 7c+/8a route.
    A training plan, personal encouragement, advice and mental support from my coach make me feel as if the team of Lattice is behind when I work for my goals.
    Huge thanks to you Oli!

  14. Fridrik Baldursson

    I have been using Lattice training plans for over a year now. I started with Lite plans which worked out well for me. But I decided to go for a Premium plan last spring in order to prepare even better for a planned climbing trip in early September. There was some hard training in store over the summer, but the returns in terms of climbing ability were sweet. I am now on my third block of Premium Plans. I have been very happy with my experience so far: the plans are carefully designed with my long-term goals in mind and I feel I am progressing towards these goals, slowly but surely. I have been gaining in strength, endurance and mobility whilst remaining injury free. The last point is extremely important and by no means a given for an older climber like myself. My shoulders are in the best health they’ve been in for a long time which I think is the result of a combination of various exercises geared towards strength and mobility of the shoulders. The same goes for fingers: I have gained substantially in finger strength over the last months and at the same time my fingers and forearms have never felt better. I am in regular contact with my coach who not only designs the plans, but also provides advice, answers to questions and general feedback on my progress. This has been particularly important these last weeks as my training has needed to revert to my home: I still feel as if I’m making progress (although I will not know for sure until I can return to the gym ;-)). So no doubts about continuing training with Tom H. And looking forward to reaping the long-term rewards next season.

  15. Naomi Siegersma

    I’ve been working with lattice for more than a year now and have enjoyed every second. It is hard to say which aspect from the premium plan I value the most – the training plan is tailored to my personal needs, but the personal contact with my coach is also amazing. From technical and mental training tips to great life advice and a listening ear when needed, having a coach like Maddy has made me a better climber in every possible way. The premium plan offers everything you need to become a better (and healthier) climber and stay motivated even in difficult times. Or in my case, to make sure I also value and enjoy rest days and studying next to climbing and training all the time. Big thanks to you Maddy!

  16. Nik van der Toorn

    This is both a review and a thanks to Lattice and their coaching staff!
    I started training with Lattice about 5 months ago – in this short time I have become, undoubtedly, the strongest and healthiest climber I have ever been.
    In this short time I have broken through a 2 year grade plateau and it is just the beginning 🙂 – With the continued help of Lattice, I look forward to seeing where my climbing can go from here! What has been amazing is getting a program that addresses all the many aspects of climbing conditioning and in a way that has suited my lifestyle, weaknesses and goals – ensuring consistent gains while staying healthy and uninjured.
    The best investment I have ever made, in terms of both time and money, for my climbing !
    Thanks again Lattice – very happy client!

  17. Theo Ward

    I can’t show enough appreciation for the support my coach has given me over the past few years. Without them I wouldn’t be able to manage the stresses of my work and still climb at the high level I’ve been able to maintain. Their support takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

    Their knowledge and insight allows me to approach every training session with the confidence that I am always moving towards achieving my goals. The plan gives you everything you need to succeed… you just need to bring psyche!

    Been with them for a couple of years and there are plenty of reasons for why I’ll continue for many more.

  18. Rocío

    In my case, I had been climbing for many years, but I had never followed a specific training. A few months ago, i decided to start with Lattice Training and i feel that it was a complete success. The sessions are perfectly structured, explained in detail and adapted to my goals and above all, my injuries. My coach is very friendly and he is always open to my questions and messages (even in spanish). I have never felt so comfortable, strong and motivated climbing 🙂

  19. Jan Piotrowski

    Easily the best investment in my 20 years of climbing. The Lattice crew are incredibly diligent and responsive. Most important, the plan works—and then some. The exercises are well chosen and intensity judged to perfection. I started as Britain locked down in March (having just managed to squeeze in a Lattice test beforehand). Although I have been climbing for a long time—and am 41 years old—in the first six months of lockdown the Lattice premium plan helped my finger strength improve palpably; aerobic power shot through the roof; and pull-up strength 2RM went from BW+57% to BW+70%. I surprised myself with how much the general, non-climbing-specific conditioning sets Lattice have weaved into the plan have helped. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So I write this review from Fontainebleau, where I’ve been ticking 7b/+ blocs in one/one-and-a-half sessions, up from about 7a just last year. Thank you Lattice!

  20. Jesse

    When I came to Lattice I was 33 and had been climbing, mostly bouldering, for about 12 years. I’ve managed to bust through a lot of plateaus myself over the years with lots of research, trial and error, and tedium. I also have some auto-immune issues that stifle my recovery, and frankly I was starting to get demoralized at the toll on my body of hard climbing. I wanted to focus my training on the essentials, make space in my “recovery points” for more general strength training to handle the abuse of a bouldering lifestyle, and in the back of my mind, maybe start building a broader base to break through that next huge barrier. I had just climbed V12 the year prior after a 7 year plateau and V13 felt a million miles away. But I just told Lattice that I wanted to get more resilient. They didn’t flinch at this obscure goal and immediately gave me a plan to develop more capacity and robustness.

    I’ve been training with Lattice for about a year now. I’ve seen significant, measurable improvements in my power and strength. More importantly than being stronger, I feel healthier. Fall is ending and I’ve had one of the most productive seasons of my life. Usually by this time of year my fingers would be begging for a break, but I can only remember two days from the entire fall that my fingers even felt sore. Instead of taking weeks off, I feel ready to jump right back to base training for my next performance. Less time off = more gains retained = more performance. That should seem obvious, but I’ve been training for 9 years and it’s never been so easy. I have always struggled to get the load right, to focus on the right things, and to time my taper/peak correctly. Doing that on top of a job and life is really hard.

    Working with my coach to dial in the correct volume was key, and I can’t stress enough how useful it is as a dedicated athlete to be able to offload the work of figuring out what to do to a professional. I just focus on the day to day – the climbing and training. I make my plans clear to my coach and he figures out how to give me the best shot at my goals. If my goals or my circumstances change, he adapts the plan to match. It’s fantastic. I’m feeling more confident every day that not only can I survive bouldering through my late 30s, but that my best and hardest climbing is still ahead of me. Thanks Tom!!

  21. Soner Osman

    Great training programme. Lattice are super thorough, professional, friendly and obviously extremely knowledgeable. I’ve just sent my highest sport grade following my first 2 months of training and I know I am going to push on further as I feel more confident and stronger than I ever have before. They have found my weaknesses and helping me work on them in an enjoyable way. I have a very busy and hectic life and the ongoing support to work around this has been fantastic. Can’t rate them highly enough.

  22. Ethan

    I started my plan with Lattice a few months back and I’ve not regretted at all. The coaches are incredibly professional, knowledgeable and friendly! They are always open to questions and respond promptly with any feedback. My plan has helped me to not only push my climbing grades but also develop my technique and fitness to new highs. Would recommend to anyone looking to push to that illusive next level or even improve their climbing in general.

  23. James Bisset

    The value I have found from these training plans is being able to trust in them and commit to putting the work in. Before, I was always second guessing if I was doing the right thing. It removed a weight off my shoulders. I can now say 3 years down the line that it has payed off, both achieving my long term goal to climb 8a, and learning lots along the way.