Athlete & Ambassador Programme

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Who are we 

Our mission is to continually evolve training practices to be the most effective in the world, meanwhile always having a passion for sharing our knowledge and supporting the community we are part of. We push boundaries to make training accessible worldwide, shaping the future of this sport for climbers everywhere.

Brand values

  • Innovation: We are at the limit of what’s possible, combining theory with practice to develop the best athletes in the world. We translate this “know how” into information to support climbers globally to “train right”.
  • Education: Taking our learnings from assessing over 45,000 climbers, and providing actionable insights and accessible content to climbers interested in training everywhere.
  • Health & Well-being: We care about people, therefore we work with and educate climbers to sustain healthy performance and lifetime fun.
  • Social Responsibility: Empowering everyone to enjoy climbing, through a range of content from beginner to elite, we are active against negative influences and ensuring we promote the right information and support the global climbing community.
  • Sustainability: We develop high-quality, long-lasting products and digital solutions to support climbers with their training journey anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Who are we looking for 


Are you passionate about climbing and sharing your climbing journey on social media? Do you care about showing the climbing community that climbing is for everyone and accessible no matter what your walk of life?

Our ambassador programme gives you the opportunity to promote a brand with strong values and care for the climbing community to your digital followers and visitors.

Sound like you?



Are you a pro climber or climbing at a world-class level? Do you schedule your year around big trips to push boundaries or your limits?

Our athlete programme gives you the opportunity to showcase your climbing achievements through one of the biggest climbing brands in the world, and demonstrate that our proven approach to climbing training really works!

Sound like you?