Lattice Ambassador Programme

Want to inspire others and demonstrate that climbing is for everyone?
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The objective of our ambassador programme is to demonstrate that climbing training is accessible to all climbers around the world. Ambassadors will inspire others through their experiences with our products and services to sustain healthy performance and lifetime fun!

It’s important to us that we have a team of ambassadors who: 

  • Have global relevance
  • Have a genuine connection to our audience
  • Inclusive and diverse

Who are you

A committed climber who goes to the wall during the week to hang out with friends, and regularly goes on holiday to climbing destinations for fun. You have a strong following on social media of over 10k followers on a channel.

What you get

  • Lattice training plan – our custom self-coached plans to support you with your climbing and training journey
  • Products – we will send you some of our products
  • Education – free access to our education programme
  • Branding – featuring on our social channels, feed, and stories content, plus additional channels on an ad-hoc basis

What we ask in return

  • ‘Supported by @latticetraining’ visible on all social bios and about sections (including personal websites and blogs)
  • Post a minimum of one promotional social post per month with @latticetraining tagged 
  • Include #latticetraining #climbingtraining in all social posts featuring us 
  • Share a minimum or one weekly social story that tags us, featuring either our products, training or services, climbing achievements, or journey
  • Be available four times per year for collaborations on our channels including socials, YouTube, podcasts, and blog posts



Who can become an ambassador?

  • Have multiple active social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok
  • Over 10k followers on one of these platforms
  • Posts about your climbing and training journey 
  • Passionate about climbing and the outdoors
  • Align with our brand values

How do I apply?

  • Submit the application form on this page 
  • If successful, we will be in touch with a friendly agreement to sign
  • Once signed we will agree on whether you want to start with products or a training plan (as we agree on the focus with you per quarter between these)
  • We will then either get you set up with a plan or products shipped out to you
  • Our coordinator will keep in touch with you through our ambassador community channels

What is a promotional post?

❌ You are climbing in your local gym and take a video of yourself climbing your project and you send it. You’ve been doing our Lattice Training Plan but nothing is mentioned about Lattice Training or our training plans despite tagging @latticetraining. This is NOT a promotional post. 

✅ You are climbing in your local gym and take a video of yourself climbing your project and you send it. You talk about your Lattice Training Plan in your post and how it’s helped you improving your weaknesses and talk about your journey with Lattice Training. This post is about the brand and our services so this is a promotional post.

We only ask for a very minimal amount of promotional-type posts so there’s very little disruption to your normal feed to keep it authentic.

Examples of promotional posts

Promotional posts should be talking about our brand, customer experience and supporting our values. 

Examples include:

  • Unboxing video
  • Demo of using our training products or a PB!
  • Review of our products or services such as our education course
  • Doing an awesome climbing project outside or indoors
  • Sharing your climbing training learnings