Community Guidelines

Welcome to Lattice Training, this is a place to learn, discuss and be entertained.

Whether on our social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) via email ([email protected]) or even on our blog articles, we encourage and invite all friendly discussions around climbing and training for climbing.

Have a question about our Lattice Training app, your customised Training Plan, or specialist training equipment? Reach out to [email protected] Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your orders, plans and previous communication, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

Our team of staff, coaches, athletes and ambassadors are all expected to follow a few rules and we expect the same from anyone else entering our community: 

  • Be kind and mindful when engaging with others
  • Challenge each others ideas, but never insult the individual 
  • Contribute in a useful and positive way, not negatively 

Our Community Goals

At Lattice one of our main goals is to develop and grow our understanding of effective training in a sport that is still very much in its infancy. Everyone that we work with, whether it’s coaches, supporting teams, athletes or ambassadors, all share a vision, aiming to develop, educate and share psyche about our amazing sport! Ultimately making excelling in climbing and enjoying the sport throughout all of life’s stages more accessible for those that want to.

We are proud to lead the industry and also happy to admit that we might get things wrong, we’re all up for learning, making mistakes and growing together. 

1. Be kind and mindful when engaging with others

Talking to others via a keyboard can sometimes mean that the way things are said do not get received in the way they were intended, even if well intentioned. 

Do your best to speak to people as you would if you were in person, and ultimately treat others with kindness. 

2. Challenge each other’s ideas, but never insult the person

Linking on from rule #1, the most useful debates focus on the idea instead of the person communicating the idea. Avoid making things personal and remember that opinion is important. Climbing is in so many areas subjective!

3. Contribute in a useful and positive way, not negatively 

Constructive debate can create a safe place for people to respectfully express their opinions and learn through the process. 

It is an amazing thing when it works!

So keep comments well-intentioned and act in good faith. If your comment only serves to create dissent or inhibit a conversation, keep it to yourself.