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A climbing training plan that focuses on work that you can do from home, perfect for those who want a quick training hit via our easy to use Crimpd App. Each Home Training Plan is designed by a Lattice Coaching team member and is delivered to you to follow independently, without coaching support. The Home Training Plan comes with an assessment which is used to create your plan – alongside details of your training/climbing history and goals – and is ideal for those who wish to get a structured plan they can follow independently from home.

Go for a quick 4 week hit, or pick up a great discount with an 8 week or 12 week block.


Our members-only Lattice 365 exclusive club gives you daily access to world-class coaching, physio and nutrition via our private Facebook group. You will get access best tools and resources in climbing and coaching but at a much-reduced cost.
So why not give Lattice 365 a go for free – and if it’s not for you, just cancel within the 7-day period and no payment will be taken.

Every climber has unique strengths, weaknesses and goals so no single, generic training plan will work for everyone. This is why we write every Home Training Plan by hand.

Before starting on a Home Training Plan, we’ll first put you through an assessment with some simple equipment you’ll also use for training. This allows us to measure your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also ask you for details about your goals, training history, available facilities etc. Once we have this information, we’ll sit down and write you a 4-week block of training specific to your needs and the tools at hand.

The Home Training Plan uses sessions within our Crimpd App so you can view all the exercise guidance, log your workouts and track your progress. By purchasing the Home Training Plan, you are getting access to our team of highly experienced plan writers who will schedule your training to target the results of your assessment and details of your goals to help you become a stronger and fitter climber.

Equipment Required

  • 20mm flat edge e.g. Lattice Training Rung or Beastmaker 1000 (bottom outer edges)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weights
  • Scales
  • A Sling
  • Pulley System (3 carabiners and a pulley
  • 2m Length of Rope
  • Climbing Harness

*Do get in touch if you don’t have any of the above equipment and we can see if we can work around it.


  • You must be uninjured to start a Home Training Plan with us.
  • You must be 18 or over.
  •  You should be able to comfortably hold bodyweight on a 20mm edge for at least 10 seconds. If not, you should seek instruction and complete at least 3 fingerboard sessions prior to starting a plan.
  • You must have climbed at least 6b/10+ or V4 in the last year.
  • You are solely responsible for execution of the plan and we cannot accept any liability for injury sustained during the plan.
  • You must have access to the Crimpd App on either iOS, Android or the website as this contains all the details of each training session.
  • Unfortunately, if you are pregnant we cannot offer assessment or training services because we aren’t insured for this. If you are currently pregnant please get in touch to discuss.

In order to purchase and use a Home Training Plan you will need to be injury-free. This means that you currently have no injury which could affect your ability to rock climb or train and have not been advised by a medical professional to cease climbing related activities.

The Lattice Team will be creating training plans based on the understanding that they are working with an un-injured climber. Starting any training, such as a Home Training Plan, with an existing injury could result in further injury. The premium package includes weekly email access to our coaches. If you mislead the Lattice Team regarding any climbing related injuries we reserve the right to withhold training services without refund.

Most physical training involves a risk of injury. The Lattice team will act as training plan consultants in order to help you schedule your training. The team cannot accept responsibility for the application of this training beyond prescription. Advice and guidance will be provided by the team regarding reducing risks, however, you should begin this process only if you are happy with taking responsibility for associated risks. Please see our terms of service for details.

Please note that your Home Training Plan must be used within 6 months of purchase.

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8 reviews for Home Training Plan

  1. Tim Flanagan (verified owner)

    I recently completed the Lite Plan, took a few weeks off, and signed up for another 12 weeks with the home plan. Lattice takes all the questions out of training. Follow the plan and you’ll get results. This training has not only made me stronger physically. It has given me an immense amount of confidence while climbing and has improved my technique dramatically. After this next 12 week plan, I can definitely see myself signing up for another plan.

  2. Jennica Jenkins (verified owner)

    I wanted to write another quick review now that the results are in and I’ve completed my 16 weeks (4 as a taster, followed by a full 12 weeks) of the home plan. This is for anyone who’s keen to get the plan but are wondering “does it really work?” YES! Yes it does. I found my climbing project for this year last November, a burly, overhanging 7a+. Normally around a 6b climber who favours vertical terrain myself, with no history of strength or climbing specific training I knew I didn’t really have a shot at last year it but projecting the moves was fun and it got me motivated to train, stumbling across Lattice was a happcident.

    When I signed up for my first plan I could just about hang at BW for 10 seconds, I could do 1 pull up with ok-ish form (or 5 if I let my feet touch the floor for a second between reps) and my push/pull ratio was off (push biased).

    Now that I’ve completed my plan; my max hang weight for 20mm half crimp is up 128.57%, my pull ups at BW are up 800% and my push ups 170% (though I haven’t had any pushing exercises as part of my plan), my push/pull ratio has also been sorted out and an added bonus is that I’ve managed to cut 30 seconds off my running time/km though I’ve done almost no running training while on the home plan. I’ve become a much more confident climber and my style has become more dynamic too! Thanks Lattice!

  3. Katharina Ziegler (verified owner)

    I ordered my first home plan last autumn to get some quick gains just before a climbing trip and to reach my goal there. I never did any structured training before and was never really motivated to just train. The home plan really gave me a training motivation boost, and with measurable gains in my finger strength and shoulder stability, it motivated me even more. Even though it was only a 4 weeks plan, I really felt the difference especially in my crimping power on the rock. What should I say, I achieved my goal and climbed my first 8a and did some routes, that I never thought I could climb in my home area! 😊
    For the beginning of the year I now ordered a new 3 months home plan. I feel that it is really tailored to my needs, and the team considered all my additional comments on medication, recovery and injuries. Thumbs up! I am really excited to progress on the new plan!

  4. Jennica Jenkins (verified owner)

    I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while but have struggled to put into words just how great my experience with Lattice has been (without it getting too cheesy). Basically it’s like…an addiction, but in the best possible sense of the word. You start off dabbling a little, maybe watch a few youtube videos or listen to some of their podcasts, next you might join the Lattice FB community, then you get a 4 week plan, you see how quickly you progress physically and end up getting a longer plan, which lead to another one and then another one until it becomes a constant, positive part of your life. Basically the more involved you get the better it becomes and the more you want. But it’s not just about the training and the physical benefits, there’s sooo much more to it!

    Yes, the plan is brilliant, easy to follow and varied enough to be interesting (mine has board climbing, fingerboard sessions as well as lots of S&C and mobility). The fact that it’s planned especially for your needs/goals certainly adds a motivational aspect and the Crimpd app is very user friendly. After just 4 weeks I definitely saw improvement in all areas but for me, the mental aspect has made even more of a difference. The coaches are so helpful and I really think you can tell how committed they are to making Lattice the very best it can be. They really go above and beyond with what they do and there’s a constant feed of new, useful information through various channels, covering all areas from nutrition, to bouldering, to projecting, training and more(!) and always in a really approachable, welcoming way. It really doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to climbing or if you’ve been climbing for years, it’s a happy mix to suit everyone. The positivity throughout the community is absolutely infectious and it’s really the best possible platform I can imagine for all your climbing needs. Honestly, I feel like I haven’t just found a fun, effective training plan; I feel like I’ve found my tribe.

    • Tom Randall

      Thanks SO much for the review Jennica!! Definitely part of our tribe now 🙂

  5. Kinga Brumbauer (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my decision to start the “Home training” plan with the Lattice Team.
    I really like climbing, but I never had fun doing physical training and it always ended with pain and no fun.
    In a few weeks I see a lot of progress, I am enjoying even more climbing on the rocks and the plan is easy to follow. It is very flexible and easy to understand (my English is not the best :)) My questions are answered very veeery quickly.
    I just started my second plan, I had no hesitation to follow it.
    Thank you very much Lattice Team for the motivation!
    Kinga Brumbauer

    • Tom Randall

      Thanks so much for the review Kinga! Always happy to help psyched climbers progress!

  6. Jane L

    Highly recommend doing this training plan if you’re unable to go to the gym. When this plan is paired with the Crimpd app it is fantastic. The mini-assessment is very easy to do and make sure to be accurate with how much time you can train because Lattice will absolutely tailor it to that. This plan gave me focus while staying at home. Comparing it to previously just going to the gym aimlessly, the plan gave me a structure and to track actual progress.

    I was worried that not climbing would affect my performance but doing a plan actually improved my climbing outdoors. I was able to climb a 6c after having struggled with the first move a year ago. On to the next Lattice Plan!

    Keeps you motivated
    Tailored to your strengths/weaknesses
    Crimpd App
    Progress Tracking


  7. Natalia Isaeava

    This was my first experience with Lattice home training plan during lockdown. I saw and even used before very cool App – Crimd by Lattice, but while gyms were open I always felt too excited about climbing and wasn’t doing hangs or other exercises after climbing sessions. During lockdown I understood that I need a Plan from someone professional to keep my motivation for training at home high. The price and good reviews from my friends helped me to make my choice and I ordered Home training Plan. I found it very full-fledged. There were different hangs, upper-body exercises and flexibility/mobility complex. After gyms were open again I found myself very quickly on the same grades as I was before (7A). My core and fingers were stronger and I started climbing 7B. If before my training plan I only climbed 1-2 7B’s for last year, after openning gyms in the summer I managed to climb about 8-10 7B’s already. That is a huge progress for me. Thank you a lot. And what is very important, I understood, that having clear and professional plan is 99% of your access and can move you to your next grade the fastest way! That’s why I ordered now my next 3-months plan and happy to start it next week!!!))

  8. Oyvind grande

    I did the Home Training Plan during the first lockdown and it was also my first structured (climbing) training plan I have ever done. Being quite a new climber (1,5yrs) I was not 100% sure if this was the right thing to do, but the tailored plan I got fitted me in a very good way.

    When lockdown finished and I could head outside to climb again, I immediately felt the benefits of the training. After a few weeks I finished my project (6c+), and started on my a new training plan;)