Home Training Plan – 4 Week Block


A four-week customised plan, perfect for those who want a quick training hit via our easy to use Crimpd App. Each Home Training Plan is designed by a Lattice Coaching team member and is delivered to you to follow independently, without coaching support. The Home Training Plan comes with an assessment which is used to create your plan – alongside details of your training/climbing history and goals – and is ideal for those who wish to get a structured plan they can follow independently from home.


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Every climber has unique strengths, weaknesses and goals so no single, generic training plan will work for everyone. This is why we write every Home Training Plan by hand.

Before starting on a Home Training Plan, we’ll first put you through an assessment with some simple equipment you’ll also use for training. This allows us to measure your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also ask you details about your goals, training history, available facilities etc. Once we have this information, we’ll sit down and write you a 4 week block of training specific to your needs and tools at hand.

The Home Training Plan uses sessions within our Crimpd App so you can view all the exercise guidance, log your workouts and track your progress. By purchasing the Home Training Plan, you are getting access to our team of highly experienced plan writers who will schedule your training to target the results of your assessment and details of your goals to help you become a stronger and fitter climber.

Equipment Required

  • 20mm flat edge e.g. Lattice Training Rung or Beastmaker 1000 (bottom outer edges)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weights
  • Scales
  • A Sling
  • Pulley System (3 carabiners and a pulley
  • 2m Length of Rope
  • Climbing Harness

*Do get in touch if you don’t have any of the above equipment and we can see if we can work around it.


  • You must be uninjured to start a Home Training Plan with us.
  • You must be 18 or over.
  •  You should be able to comfortably hold bodyweight on a 20mm edge for at least 10 seconds. If not, you should seek instruction and complete at least 3 fingerboard sessions prior to starting a plan.
  • You must have climbed at least 6b/10+ or V4 in the last year.
  • You are solely responsible for execution of the plan and we cannot accept any liability for injury sustained during the plan.
  • You must have access to the Crimpd App on either iOS, Android or the website as this contains all the details of each training session.
  • Unfortunately, if you are pregnant we cannot offer assessment or training services because we aren’t insured for this. If you are currently pregnant please get in touch to discuss.

In order to purchase and use a Home Training Plan you will need to be injury free. This means that you currently have no injury which could affect your ability to rock climb or train and have not been advised my a medical professional to cease climbing related activities.

The Lattice Team will be creating training plans based on the understanding that they are working with an un-injured climber. Starting any training, such as a Home Training Plan, with an existing injury could result in further injury. The premium package includes weekly email access to our coaches. If you mislead the Lattice Team regarding any climbing related injuries we reserve the right to withhold training services without refund.

Most physical training involves a risk of injury. The Lattice team will act as training plan consultants in order to help you schedule your training. The team cannot accept responsibility for the application of this training beyond prescription. Advice and guidance will be provided by the team regarding reducing risks, however, you should begin this process only if you are happy with taking responsibility for associated risks. Please see our terms of service for details.

Please note that your Home Training Plan must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Additional information

Are you currently uninjured?

No, Yes

Are you over 18?

No, Yes

Can you use competently use a fingerboard?

Yes, No

Have you climbed at least 6b/10+ or V4 in the last year?

Yes, No

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the last 5 years? Or consider yourself to have disordered eating?

Yes, No

Do you accept that completion of the testing and training plan is at your own risk?

No, Yes


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